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In this issue of Inside Drinks we learn more about non-alcoholic beverages for the adult market, find out how brands are incorporating innovation features into packaging and profile the rise of almond milk.

We also look at the sustainable solutions on offer from some of Britain’s largest coffee shop chains, discover more about a new innovation for coffee drinkers and find out how drinks with claims such as nitro coffee and cold pressed juice are faring with consumers.

Finally, we profile the latest offering from Pepsi in the form of its J-Cola Midnight night time beverage, look at the concept of light beer and explore the role that premiumisation and indulgence plays towards consumer purchasing decisions.

In this issue

Non-Alcoholic Drinks for the Adult Market
As the appetite for non-alcoholic alternatives continues to rise, Sonia Sharma takes a look at what the industry is doing to cater to consumer demand.
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Incorporating Innovative Features in Packaging
This year sparkling wine brand Luc Belaire unveiled limited edition bottles of the new range with a label that lights up at the touch of a button. Sonia Sharma takes a closer look at how brands are incorporating technology into packaging for an immersive consumer experience
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Almond Milk is on the Rise
A plethora of plant-based, non-dairy milks has taken root even in mainstream supermarkets, and one standout among the options is almond milk. Lu Ann Williams director of innovation at Innova Market Insights finds out more.
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Sustainable Solutions Through Reusing and Recycling
With steady growth year after year, brand owners are faced with the task of improving their pack solutions and utilising the materials they have available to them. Sonia Sharma finds out more about sustainable solutions.
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A Surprisingly Clever Innovation for Coffee Lovers 
Innovations make life easier, especially in the world of consumer product packaging. There are some groundbreaking solutions changing people’s habits and lifestyles but also many little improvements, sometimes unexpected, that simply introduce convenience to consumers’ daily routines.  Global Data takes a look at how Tchibo’s new pack design for Caffe Crema Vollmundig coffee is improving on the standard coffee bag.
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The Evolving Market: How Do Consumers View Products Making Emerging Claims?
The beverages industry is an ever evolving market with new ideas and product types, such as nitro coffee and cold pressed juice, entering the market. Consumers faced with these new claims must consider if these products are ones they have any interest in. Looking at the latest consumer survey data from GlobalData, we investigate consumers’ interest in emerging beverage-related claims.
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Pepsi Breathes Life into the Night Time Soft Drink Concept 
Soft drink innovation in Japan is often on a different level than that in other world markets, making it difficult to judge whether or not a specific launch is evidence of something big or just a fad. GlobalData analyses whether Suntory’s recent launch of Pepsi J-Cola Midnight in Japan could be evidence that global soft drink manufacturers have bigger plans in store for night time beverages.
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How Low Can You Go? Ultra-Light Beer Redefines the Light Beer Concept
Light beer is getting lighter. Though sales of top-selling light beer brands like Bud Light, Coors Light, and Miller Light have been eroding for nearly a decade in the US, the success of AB InBev’s Michelob Ultra product has given the industry hope. Tom Vierhile examines the new wave of innovators seeking to establish a new ultra-light premium beer niche.
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TrendSights Analysis: Premiumisation & Indulgence 2018
Premiumisation & Indulgence is defined by the impulsive and aspirational behaviour of actively seeking higher-priced, often more sophisticated products. It encompasses the individual’s desire for “better” offerings, underpinned by a set of perceived quality attributes and status undertones. GlobalData finds out more.
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Next issue preview

In the next issue of Inside Drinks we learn more about how brands are using the ingredient cannabidiol in functional drinks, find out more about a pairing between coffee and olive oil and profile the chardonnay sector.

We also look at long-term solutions of supplying CO2 to UK factories, examine the single-use plastic packaging for beverages market and discover how a global dietary shift has caused the plant-based sector to soar.

Finally, we find out more about smart technology and consumer engagement and discover what the future looks like for the soft drinks industry.