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SWEETHOUSE Sweetening Technologies and Sugar Alternatives for the Drinks Industry

SWEETHOUSE supports initiatives to replace and reduce sugar in food and drink products worldwide.

Products with high-sugar content levels are one of the major global concerns for governments and non-government organisations (NGO), as they relate to illnesses such as diabetes and obesity. In order to contribute to this, we manufacture and distribute Sweetening Systems that provide a sugar-like taste.

Patented sweetening system technologies for the drinks industry

SWEETHOUSE comprehensive portfolio of patented sweetener compounds QORUS® DOLCE CLASSIC or QORUS® DOLCE NATURAL, offer food and drink manufacturers an alternative to sugar, while keeping a sugar-like taste.

QORUS® DOLCE SWEETENING SYSTEMS enable fast application and reduces time-to-market.

SWEETHOUSE aims to fight obesity and diabetes by reducing the sugar content of beverages and food while maintaining a pleasant taste and character.

SWEETHOUSE is technology partner of CELANESE and NASCENT and as well a recognised supplier of Sucralose, Sunett® (Acesulfam Potassium) or Trehalose.

International technical and marketing support services

SWEETHOUSE helps to develop products with balanced nutritional profiles to meet the local requirements of countries that have implemented taxes or are exploring restrictions on the increasing health costs for non-communicable diseases (NCD) such as diabetes and obesity.

We also perform sensory research in close cooperation with independent institutes. Our studies focus on global market trends related to regional consumer preferences and awareness.

SWEETHOUSE is experienced in sourcing and recommending, independently, recipe ingredients such as natural flavourings, functional ingredients, colouring extracts and more, in order to create formulas with appealing sensory characteristics.

We are as well experienced in guiding Innovation and/or Renovation initiatives, in order to optimise recipes, processes or to review the entire portfolio of our partners and customers.

We established an innovation network of companies that combines the expertise of a number of partners to provide fast and easy access for support and service.

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