Much has been made already, across all sectors, about the new Biden administration’s focus on putting the US back on track when it comes to environmental concerns. We learn what this new impetus means for US-based drinks firms. On a similar note, following a recently launched initiative to address deforestation by the Consumer Goods Forum, we ask: are beverage firms paying enough attention?

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In the spirits sector, the low and no alcohol trend has been steadily growing over the past year; resulting in an abundance of new brands and line extensions. We look at why spirits companies may do well to tread carefully, lest they lose the consumer’s trust and respect. We also look at how US spirits wholesalers are viewing the coming six months as things start to stabilise a year on from the breakout of the coronavirus pandemic.

The pandemic has led to the accelerated adoption of new technology in many businesses, and in the vineyards, it’s no different. We look at some of the new technologies in the world of wine that may well become more of a norm in years to come. Lastly, we look at how the craft beer boom and subsequent consumer awareness surrounding hops, could offer marketing opportunities for beer brands.

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In this issue

Bang Energy’s explosive fall-out with PepsiCo throws the spotlight on coffee versus energy

Andy Morton looks into the parting of ways between Bang and Pepsi, highlighting the current state of affairs for high-caffeine beverages.

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Signs of trouble as Heineken faces China distribution gap

The Heineken brand has had a challenging history in China, despite strong brand recognition in the region. These trials and tribulations are all too familiar to Andy Morton.

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“The whole category’s on fire”: Brown-Forman on RTDs

Olly Wehring speaks to Brown-Forman’s president for the US & Canada, John Hayes, to find out more about the company’s Pabst tie-up for Jack Daniel’s 28-year-old flavoured malt beverage stable.

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“It’s ok to fail”: Atom Labs on NPD

Rhodri Morgan speaks to Atom Labs global head of NPD, Rosie Milsom, about how the company aims to disrupt the spirits industry through trial and error, Covid-19’s impact on the project, and A-B InBev’s hands-off approach to ownership.

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Why aged spirits should be wary of opaque low and no alcohol trend

The seemingly unstoppable rise of the low and no alcohol movement has resulted in an abundance of new brands and line extensions. Aged spirits would do well to tread carefully, Amy Hopkins warns, lest they lose the consumer’s trust and respect.

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How US spirits wholesalers view the next six months

The global beverage industry is approaching the first anniversary of the coronavirus impact, dating back to the first effects in China back in January. According to Andy Morton, the outlook still remains clouded, with spiking infection rates in some parts of the world and fresh lockdowns adding to the complexity.

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Are beverage firms paying enough attention to deforestation?

A new initiative to address deforestation was launched last September by the Consumer Goods Forum involving 17 major manufacturers and retailers ‑ but no drinks companies. Ben Cooper explores whether the beverage sector needs to do more in the area of deforestation.

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Biden victory gives new impetus to engagement on climate change

Ben Cooper assesses the impact of Joe Biden’s election victory in the US on drinks companies’ efforts to address climate change.

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How hops could become part of beer’s marketing lexicon

With the advent of the craft brewing boom, consumers know more about hops than brand owners give them credit for. Stephen Beaumont believes this awareness offers a marketing opportunity for beer brands big and small.

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Technology in the vineyard

With necessity long being the mother of invention, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought outlying technology into the mainstream, and at speed. Chris Losh has seen similar leaps and bounds at the production end of the wine industry.

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