Sugar filled beverages have received a lot of negative attention in recent years. With more scrutiny than ever on these drinks, we find out more about the alternative choices on offer. In addition to this, we explore the flavoured water market – a sector which has seen sales rise to an estimated 7.5 billion litres.

In the latest issue of Inside Drinks, we also discover more about the specialised wine industry and the strategies brands are using to stand out amongst the competition, as well as learning more about lupin seed drinks and new product offerings within the functional tea arena.

Moreover, we analyse the sugar tax which will come into play in two years time where manufacturers will be taxed according to the quantity of the sugar-sweetened drinks they produce or import, profile how labels can impact craft beer and investigate how spices have become part of our everyday coffee ground.

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In this issue

Organic Energy

Sugar filled beverages have been receiving a lot of negative attention, and with the sugar tax coming into play brands are under more scrutiny than ever to produce drinks that are natural and unprocessed. Callum Tyndall speaks to Scheckter’s about their organic energy drinks.

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What’s Your Flavour?

Flavoured water is becoming an increasingly popular way to spice up your water intake without the extra calories. Katherine Woodward takes a look at some of the reasons behind the rapid expansion of this market.

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Wacky Wine

It’s no overstatement to say that the wine market is bursting with company’s trying to make themselves known. Eloise McLennan takes a look at the brands using unique themes to stand out from the crowd.

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Lupin Seeds
Earlier this year the first lupin seed drinks were available to buy in Germany. But what exactly are lupin seeds and why have they attracted the attention of the industry? Sonia Sharma finds out more.

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A New Leaf
Functional is the latest fashion in tea, bringing extra wellness to the trusty old cuppa. Ceri Jones looks into how companies are refreshing their blends.

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A Spoonful of Sugar Tax

In March the UK Government announced plans for a sugary soft drinks tax intended to make children healthier and cut the disease’s £5bn a year cost to the NHS. Katherine Woodward learns more about the new sugar levy.

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Battle of the Beer Labels

With an ethos rich in authenticity, excellence and creativity, it’s easy to see why the distinct character of craft beer appeals to consumers. Liz Wilks at Asia Pulp and Paper explains how packaging is helping craft beer to stand out on the shelf.

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It’s in the Brew

Can coffee offer the consumer more than a simple pick-me-up? Eloise McLennan speaks to the alternative coffee brand offering slowed-down coffee.

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Next issue preview

First we had coconut water, then aloe vera juice, but now an even more innovative take on H20 has emerged in the form of cactus water. We find out more about this product.

In the next issue of Inside Drinks we also find out about the rise of using the spice turmeric in beverages, profile HPP technology and the Swedish alcohol market.

Moreover, we learn about the global fruit and juice industry, look at what inspiration the soft drinks category could take from the gin renaissance, discover more about wine maturation and analyse milk trends around the world.   

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