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Inside Drinks Magazine: Issue 15

Maintaining the momentum in beverage innovation keeps consumers guessing. We find out more about the new Around the World cocktail menu from Salvatore’s Bar in London to learn how they are incorporating design and ingredients to showcase their offerings.

Also in the latest issue of Inside Drinks, we take a look at the rising number of botanical drinks on the market, explore the European milk quota, and take a look at calming drinks companies using active ingredients to combat stress.

Moreover, we examine the ‘half-size’ market, as well as discovering more about food and drink taxes.

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In this issue

Taste the Globe
World renowned bar – Salvatore’s in London – has created a new ‘Around the World’ cocktail menu to take consumers on a journey through their drinks where presentation, design and ingredients have carefully been selected to represent different countries. Sonia Sharma speaks to the team behind the menu.
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Trends for the industry: 2016
With coconut and birch water leading the 2015 market , Sara Grady, Consumer Insight Analyst at Canadean highlights the breakout trends set to dominate the drinks market in 2016.
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When the Levee Breaks
The lifting of the European Union milk quota has sent shockwaves through the dairy supply chain. But could these fears be laid to rest by having the right technology in place? Henri Beringer explores how companies within the dairy supply chain can take action before the levee breaks.
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Doing things by halve
A growing number of Australian winemakers are producing 375ml wine bottles – half the size of standard 750ml bottles – to meet a growing demand from local customers who want to ‘drink less and drink better’. Heidi Vella-Starr finds out more.
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All Natural
The number of beverages using plant-based formulations is rising with ingredients such as lotus flowers being used for balancing the mind and eradicating stress. Eloise McLennan looks into this growing market.
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Food and Drink Tax
Europe has an increasing obesity problem and this has prompted some governments to explore opportunities to tax specific food and drink products in order to curb the problem. UNESDA explores what needs to be done.
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Keep Calm
A new wave of calming drinks is entering the beverage market. Green Lady and NOA Relaxation use active ingredients to contribute to stress relief and relaxation. Sonia Sharma finds out more
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Event Round Up
From packaging design to promotional campaigns, Inside Drinks reviews the highlights from the Canadean Beverage Packaging conference.
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Next issue preview

Water alternatives, such as black water and fat water, have burst onto the market. With selling points including fulvic trace minerals we find out more about this sector.

In the next issue of Inside Drinks, we speak to the brand that is enhancing their juices with pure oxygen, profile how the industry can tackle counterfeiting, find out more about the new beverage that is said to cure a hangover and explore the dandelion root.

Moreover, we look at augmented reality technology in the beverage industry, analyse the probiotic niche and learn more about lupin seeds.

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