Issue 9

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A devotion to healthy eating has led to the faithful pint going out of style. It has been replaced with alternatives such as quinoa or hemp milk. We speak to producers of these alternative milks to find out why they are so popular.

Also, we learn the secrets of the coffee shop, ask why the hot beverage sector is turning its sights on the humble tea leaf, talk to Bio-tiful Dairy about introducing organic cultured milk to British consumers and profile Palcohol, a powdered version of alcohol.

Moreover, we discuss the challenges and benefits of growing in the UK, speak to members of the drinks industry to discuss minimum pricing and investigate the soft drinks market boom in alcohol alternatives.

Finally, we take a look at why food supplements in powder form could be a fast and effective way to consume minerals.

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In this issue

Secrets of a Coffee Shop
Ever wondered how coffee evolves from bean to cup? James Bailey, head of quality at Workshop Coffee, tells us how making a good cup of coffee is like learning a craft.
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Transforming Tea Time
After decades of focus on coffee, the hot beverage market is turning its sights on the humble tea leaf. Stephanie Phillips takes a look at the latest developments in the tea market.
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Russian Culture
As organic cultured milk drinks make their way over from Russia to the UK, Sonia Sharma talks to Bio-tiful Dairy to find out what makes these staple beverages so popular.
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Just Add Water
"Wouldn’t it be great to have alcohol in powder form so all one had to do is add water?" asks Palcohol. Not according to US lawmakers. Margot Knight finds out why.
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Milking It
The healthy eating trend has led to the faithful pint being replaced with ever trendier versions, such as almond milk and even camel milk. Charlotte Richardson Andrews finds out who exactly has the milk.
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Home Grown
Although tea is ingrained into British culture the vast majority of it is imported from China and India. As the UK tea market begins to expand Stephanie Phillips speaks to Tregothnan, a British company growing tea in Cornwall.
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Minimum Pricing for Maximum Change?
Minimum pricing for alcohol has been debated in governments globally, but the UK recently opted for a ban on below cost sales instead. Margot Knight finds out why proponents of minimum pricing think the government is wasting its time.
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Drinks for a Dry Generation
There’s a growing trend among young adults in the UK – these days, it’s cool not to drink. But with a lack of alcoholic alternatives, choices are limited. Margot Knight learns how ZEO and Thor Drinks are taking advantage.
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Powder Power
With a nation that is becoming increasingly health conscious, supplements have always been on the radar. For those who find tablets a hard pill to swallow, Sonia Sharma explores how powder vitamins have taken over.
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Next issue preview

Will craft beer still be popular next year or will coconut water be taken over by a focus on natural energy drinks? We discover the upcoming trends for the drinks industry in 2015.

Also, we reveal the cheapest and most expensive beers in the world, look at the recent trends in the beer market and discuss how digital printing could accelerate the craft drinks market.

Moreover, we delve into the trend for vegan beer, find out what the industry can do to improve its green credentials and discover the reasons behind the rise in the at-home drinking sales.

Finally, we investigate consumers’ new found love for prosecco and find out how manufacturers are finding new ways to deliver it to consumers.

The next issue will be out in November 2014.

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