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In this issue, we round up industry predictions for 2020, ask how craft brewers can retain their unique positioning as big corporations jump on the craft trend, and look into the emeging trend of CBD craft beer.

We also speak to Pernod Ricard CFO Hélène de Tissot and Treasury Wine Estates CEO Michael Clarke, explore opportunities for premiumisation in the soft drinks sector, and find out how a young generation’s flavour curiosity is driving innovation in soft drinks across Asia.

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In this issue

Drinks trends for 2020: industry insiders share their predictions

Low alcohol content, CBD products, sustainability and customisation are just some of the trends that appear high on the agenda for the drinks industry in 2020. We’ve asked insiders for their predictions for the year ahead.
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Craft gone corporate: why brewers don’t have to sell out to survive

The craft beer bubble hasn’t quite burst, but it is beginning to appear as if it has been stretched to its limit. As more big brands buy into the trend, Luke Christou reports on the implications of craft going corporate.
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Catering to the conscious consumer

Small business are leading the way in ethical business practices, as they are generally more agile in switching to more sustainable sourcing and manufacturing. However, growing pressure from conscious consumers means the big corporations need to follow suit, writes Luke Christou.
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Gorgeous Brewery on bringing CBD to craft beer

CBD has made its way into a host of consumer products in the past year, including beer. Rosie Lintott speaks to Gorgeous Brewery co-founder Robert Laub about the product development of Grasshopper CBD pale ale and the future of CBD in the beer industry.
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Pernod Ricard CFO Hélène de Tissot

Olly Wehring speaks to Pernod Ricard CFO Hélène de Tissot about growth opportunities, expanding into the American whiskey category and the Chinese market, and more.
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Treasury Wine Estates CEO Michael Clarke

In an exclusive interview, Treasury Wine Estates CEO Michael Clarke tells Olly Wehring about his ambitions in the US and Asia, the company’s pricing strategy as well as aborted plans to launch a 19 Crimes whiskey.
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Has the soft drinks category missed the premiumisation train?

The UK’s gin boom has allowed for a raft of innovation in the mixers segment. In turn, the availability of premium mixers has provided non-drinkers with more sophisticated options. But where does this leave the rest of the soft drinks category, asks Lucy Britner.
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Gen Z’s flavour curiosity drives soft drinks innovation in Asia

Lucy Britner explores the drivers behind flavour migration in Asia-Pacific and explains why Gen Z’s interest in health and wellness should boost soft drinks innovation around Asian ingredients.
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Next issue preview

Automation and smart technologies promise a host of benefits, including more efficient and transparent supply chains as well as cost savings and greater flexibility in manufacturing. But what does this actually mean for the drinks industry in terms of real-world applications? In our next issue, out in April, we speak to providers and early adopters of such solutions to find out.

We also speak to the CEO of the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States, check in on current trends and new developments in the wine sector, and find out how the success and rapid expansion of dairy alternatives will impact the traditional dairy industry in the near future.

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