Most popular tweets in beverages in November 2019

1. Roger Protz’s tweet on Greene King XX Mild beer

Roger Protz, a British writer and journalist, tweeted about the possibility of the popular Greene King XX Mild beer being withdrawn by Greene King, a brewer and operator based in the UK. The company, however, clarified that it is still producing the beer, although at a lesser frequency.

Greene King XX Mild is a mild beer drawing sweetness from pale and crystal malts and containing a special brewing sugar. The beer won the Champion Beer of Britain in 2018 at the Great British Beer Festival under the mild beers category.

Username: Roger Protz

Twitter handle: @RogerProtzBeer

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2. Eric Asimov’s tweet on climate change and wine

Eric Asimov, a wine and food critic, shared a series of articles written by him on climate change and how it is affecting wine producers. In one of the articles, Eric details how wine producers in the Napa Valley are struggling to deal with effects of climate change such as heat waves, droughts, and wildfires.

Eric added that every wine region across the world is dealing with these effects, but the Napa Valley has been most significantly affected. Trade associations and farmers groups in the valley have taken initiatives to tackle climate change by introducing steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They are promoting programmes aimed at reducing water use, promotion of soil health, and reduction in the use of tractor work, the article notes.

Username: Eric Asimov

Twitter handle: @EricAsimov

Retweets: 80

Likes: 188

3. David Wondrich’s tweet on Jim Meehan’s departure from PDT

David Wondrich, an author and cocktail historian, tweeted about bartender and author Jim Meehan’s exit from Please Don’t Tell (PDT), a New York-based bar, which he co-founded. Opened in 2007, PDT is a popular and influential cocktail bar situated adjacent to Crif Dogs, a restaurant, in New York.

David praised Jim to be a visionary responsible for the craft cocktail renaissance and expressed disappointment over his departure from the bar.

Username: David Wondrich

Twitter handle: @DavidWondrich

Retweets: 54

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4. Julien Miquel’s tweet on Georges Duboeuf’s Beaujolais Nouveau Rose

Julien Miquel, a French winemaker, shared a video where he reviews Beaujolais Nouveau Rose 2019. He noted that the wine is red, fruity, and pleasing.

Made by Georges Duboeuf, a winery based in France, Beaujolais Nouveau Rose 2019 is made of red berries and packed with fruitiness.

Username: Julien Miquel

Twitter handle: @JMiquelWine

Retweets: 54

Likes: 142

5. Denise Landis’ tweet on wine consumption in Galicia, Spain

Denise Landis, a food writer and editor, shared images showing how wine is consumed in Santiago de Compostela in the Galicia’s region of Spain. She noted that wine in the region was delivered to restaurants in wooden barrels and served at a table in pitchers. Customers are served the drink in ceramic bowls.

Username: Denise Landis

Twitter handle: @TheCooksCook

Retweets: 250

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6. Tim Atkin’s tweet on Sherry wine

Tim Atkin, a British Master of Wine, shared an article from his website where he shared his experiences of pairing Sherry with various foods on a number of occasions. He noted that Sherry went well with most foods but the wine is facing extinction. The wine’s sales have been dropping across the UK and Holland, although it is still preferred in the US.

He noted that wine makers are now focussed more on the quality of the wine rather than quantity. Despite the threat of extinction, Sherry is still considered as one of the greatest wines in the world, Tim added.

Username: Tim Atkin

Twitter handle: @timatkin

Retweets: 23

Likes: 107

7. Jacob Dean’s tweet on Tono, an agricultural city in Japan

Jacob Dean, food and travel writer, shared an article about Tono, a small city located in Iwate prefecture, Tōhoku, Japan. He elaborates on how the predominantly agricultural city grows majority of the hops used for the production of the beer in Japan.

The region was affected by a major earthquake and tsunami leading to economic downturn and unstable prices. The farmers in the region are working to revive the industry by organising tours wherein visitors can enjoy the local beer and hop culture, the article adds.

Username: Jacob Dean

Twitter handle: @SchadenJake

Retweets: 27

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8. Alice Lascelles’ tweet on the possibility of The BBC Food Programme being cancelled

Alice Lascelles, a journalist and author of spirits and cocktails, expressed dismay over the possibility of The Food Programme, being cancelled. The Food Programme is a radio programme on BBC Radio 4 covering food production, consumption, and quality,

She appreciated the programme to be a strong supporter of journalism.

Username: Alice Lascelles

Twitter handle: @AliceLascelles

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9. Jeff Alworth’s tweet on American brewing history

Jeff Alworth, a writer and editor of Beervana blog, shared an article from his blog about the latest issue of Beer and Brewing that highlights the history of American brewing history. He noted that hopping beers to add flavour and aroma did not originate in England as mentioned in the issue.

Username: Jeff Alworth

Twitter handle: @Beervana

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10. Jeannie Cho Lee MW’s tweet on Madame Lalou Bize-Leroy

Jeannie Cho Lee MW, a wine critic and author, tweeted a photograph of Madame Lalou Bize-Leroy, grand dame of Burgundy wine region in France and owner of the Domaine d’Auvenay and Domaine Leroy wineries. She noted that Madame Lalou Bize-Leroy is happy with her 2018 wines.

Jeannie added that Domaine Leroy wines are ripe and intense in flavour.

Username: Jeannie Cho Lee MW

Twitter handle: @JeannieChoLee

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