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Consumers around the world are leading increasingly busy lifestyles and are looking for hot drinks products which offer a moment of relaxation in a convenient format. Based on recent analysis from Canadean, we take a look at the leading trends in product innovations that are driving the hot drinks market and examine the unique, experiential delivery methods bringing hot beverages to consumers on the go. 

Also in this issue, we find out why confidence is rising in Europe’s commercial beverage market despite a disappointing start to the year, explore how new tea pouches balance quality and convenience and look at the new ideas taking protein drinks beyond dairy based shakes and smoothies. 

In other news from Canadean, we explore the evolving demand for traditional fermented soft drink kvass in Eastern European markets and find out how the radler beverage format appeals to an increasingly health-conscious target market.

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In this issue

Go with the Flow

Despite a disappointing first quarter for Europe’s commercial beverage market, Canadean research indicates that confidence in the sector is rising.

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Innovation in the Hot Drinks Market

New ideas in hot drinks are fuelled by evolving consumer needs and creative product development. Eloise McLennan sums up some of the major trends identified in Canadean’s latest report on the hot drinks market by Veronika Zhupanova

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A New Way of Drinking

In a bid to cater to an ever expanding market, hot drinks manufacturers are coming up with innovative delivery methods that work around busy consumer lifestyles. Eloise McLennan sums up some of the leading trends identified in Canadean’s latest report on the hot drinks market by Veronika Zhupanova

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Protein Plus

Innovation in protein drinks has traditionally centered on dairy drinks, shakes, and smoothies. However, it is now picking up outside of these traditional strongholds. Consumers now have new protein drink options to consider in refreshment beverages, coffee, and even beer, as Tom Vierhile reports.

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The Lap of Luxury

Gourmet teas in pouches will appeal to busy consumers craving quality hot drinks, according to new research from Canadean.

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Slavic Solutions

Kvass, a fermented soft drink popular in Russia and Ukraine, ticks health trend boxes and offers an alternative to alcoholic beverages. Canadean finds out more about the traditional Eastern European drink.

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Better for You Beer

Concerns about the negative effects of alcohol consumption make low and non-alcohol radler beverages a ‘bright spot’ in the drinks market, says Canadean

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Consumer Perspectives

At the end of 2015 Canadean surveyed more than 27,000 consumers across 31 markets globally about their attitudes to various concepts in food, drinks and consumer goods.  In this series we take a look at questions and responses related to drinking habits and beverage choices

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Next issue: October 2016

Using analysis from Canadean, we find out how the US Beer market is evolving as consumers seek out more indulgent products, examine how SmartDrink's capsule drinks offer a foolproof new way to make high-quality cocktails at home and review the failure of 1% alcohol drinks and the risks of blurring the identity of alcoholic and soft drinks.

We also take a look as labelling innovation within the alcoholic drinks category, explore the success of Suntory Minami Alps Tennensui and Yogurina in Japan’s packaged water market, examine the cold brewed coffee trend and ask: is there hope for beverage innovation beyond Keurig Kold?

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