Issue 8

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The new market trend of liquid water enhancers to make plain water ‘interesting’ has skyrocketed. In the latest issue of Inside Drinks we take a look at how this concept is transforming our once ordinary drinking water.

We also speak to the team behind Marley Coffee, discover how to make the perfect brew from the London café chain Workshop and learn about the rise of the popular Asian lassi. Additionally we explore the method of making soda at home, take a trip to Austria to find out more about their wine and investigate how craft beer is taking the world by storm.

Moreover, we examine a new quantum cascade laser technology that is designed to check for any water impurities and we find out why healthy energy drinks and juices are revolutionising the on-the-go aisles.

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In this issue

Just One Drop
In early 2011 Kraft Foods pioneered the liquid water enhancer concept with the launch of MiO in the USA, capturing a 25% share of the squash/syrups market in its first year. Canadean find out more.
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Reggae and Roasting
Marley Coffee is making waves for its commitment to quality and willingness to diversify. Lucy Ingham learns about the brand and the reggae legend’s legacy from Rohan Marley and CEO Brent Toevs.
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Perk Up
The first cup of coffee in the morning can make or break and if it’s sub-par it can certainly put a dampener on your day. Fear not as James Bailey, head of quality at London cafe chain Workshop, talks us through how to make the perfect cup of coffee.
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East Meets West
As our taste buds constantly adjust to the ever-changing food and drink options that are available to us, it seems another beverage is coming out of the woodwork to tantalise us. Sonia Sharma traces the rise of the lassi.
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Home Comforts
Coke and Keurig’s announcement to launch an at-home cold beverage system is faced with fierce competition in the form of SodaStream and a market for healthy alternatives. Yet experts say it’s a smart move. Margot Knight investigates.
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A Taste of Austria
As the Austrian wine industry begins to spread its wings and gain prominence in other countries, Inside Drinks speaks to the winemakers to ask them what makes Austrian wine so different from the rest.
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Crafting Success
Craft brewing is taking the world by storm and its beers are being drunk by more people every year. Matt Burgess looks at this rapid growth and speaks to London brewers CRATE.
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Keep the Water Clear
Water companies constantly monitor water supplies to check for contaminants but now a new quantum laser technology could help them out. Stephanie Phillips speaks to Dr Frank Fuchs from Fraunhofer IAF to find out more.
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Keep up the Energy
With more consumers increasingly looking for healthy energy drink options, this emerging market is carving a space out for itself within the industry. Sonia Sharma explores this emerging area.
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Next issue preview

A devotion to healthy eating has led to the faithful pint going out of style. It has been replaced with alternatives such as quinoa or hemp milk. We speak to producers of these alternative milks to find out why they are so popular.

Also, we ask why juice-based hot drinks are becoming a new category in the hot beverage sector, talk to Bio-tiful Dairy about introducing organic cultured milk to British consumers and profile Palcohol, a powdered version of alcohol.

Moreover, we discuss the challenges and benefits of growing in the UK, speak to members of the drinks industry to discuss minimum pricing, investigate the soft drinks market boom in alcohol alternatives. Finally we take a look at food supplements in powder form that could be a fast and effective way to consume minerals.

The next issue will be out in August 2014.

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