Issue 6

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Earlier this year the new rules for the European sugar market were put in place, bringing about the end of sugar quotas. We find out if sweeteners made from wheat and corn could seize market share from sugar in Europe following recent EU policy reforms.

In the latest issue of Inside Drinks, we announce the winner of our Inside Drinks Award, look at the popularity of beer and wine, ask if Stevia is set to become the leading sweetener and look at what progress has been made in the dairy industry after the establishment of voluntary code of practice.

Moreover, we explore the rapidly growing market for flavoured vodka and find out what it takes to stand out from the crowd of new product launches, consider how the Bulgarian wine industry can restore its reputation around the world, speak to the owner of London’s first winery about small-scale urban wine production, and find out how brand owners are clamping down on fraudsters to protect the integrity of trademarked beverages.

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In this issue

Beer or Wine?
For consumers, choosing between beer and wine may be largely a matter of taste or occasion, but for manufacturers it means a serious battle to wrestle market shares in developed and emerging markets. This infographic by FinancesOnline takes a look at the popularity of the two famous beverages around the world.
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Nestle Looks Beyond the Cup
Nestle leads the beverage industry with its proactive stance on sustainable and ethical coffee production practices. Along with schemes such as Nespresso’s AAA Sustainable Quality Programme, the company’s flagship Nescafe Plan is helping to improve the lives of farmers while securing a long-term, high-quality coffee supply chain.
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The Future is Sweet
The EU is the world’s largest producer of beet sugar and also imports the most raw cane sugar. With the controversial sugar quotas set to end Inside Drinks looks at the potential impact.
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The Unstoppable Rise of Stevia
Stevia has enjoyed significant growth since its approval as a sweetener in the US and EU, but can a new generation of formulations overcome its downsides?
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Doing Right by Dairy
After continual price cuts caused many farmers to go under, a voluntary code of practice was introduced to improve relations between processors and farmers. We find out what progress has been made.
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The Flavour Craze
The eclectic flavoured vodka market has seen a boom of late and is unlikely to stop. Inside Drinks investigates the drinks craze taking the industry by storm.
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Bulgaria Bounces Back
Although once a UK favourite, Bulgarian wine fell out of favour after a drop in quality. Inside Drinks asks how the Bulgarian wine industry can restore its reputation now it is back on the up.
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Wine Making in the City
London Cru head winemaker, Gavin Monery, tells us about the capital’s first winery and his vision for wines made in London.
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Fighting Fraud
‘Passing off’ has become an increasing concern for the alcoholic drinks industry. We investigate how brand owners and regulators are working to protect trademarked beverages from fraudsters.
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Next issue preview

Taking a look at the latest trends in the beverages, we ask if a new on-the-go bottled Gazpacho drink can carve out a niche in the market, and explore how a new ginseng spirit can make its mark in a crowded and highly competitive marketplace.

Moreover, we look at the growing trend for ready-made raw vegetable and fruit juice drinks, find out how high-pressure processing compares to traditional methods and investigate the drive for “nature identical” ingredients.

We also investigate the huge market potential presented by the 55+ age group and ask how brands can develop appealing products for this growing market without making consumers feel old.

Finally, we explore how innovative flavours and products, combined with a sense of luxury, are transforming tea into a lifestyle trend.

The next issue will be out in February 2014.

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