Issue 5

A study in the UK found that tap water is safer than bottled water, but the bottled variety continues to grow in popularity. We speak to the IBWA and British Bottled Water Producers to find out more.

In the latest issue of Inside Drinks we also launch our Outstanding Performance in the Beverages Industry award. The winner will be revealed in our November issue. We also explore the health benefits of aloe vera drinks, which are making their way into the European market from Asia.

We take a look at grower champagnes, which have become a popular alternative to big brands, and find out how beer brands are using interactive technology on bottles and cups to connect with consumers.

We also find out how automated equipment can offer manufacturers greater operational flexibility, find out how new advances in food-grade lubricants are keeping beverage processing plants running smoothly, and explore how a brand’s heritage can influence the design of premium packaging.

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In this issue

Inside Drinks Awards 2013
To celebrate excellence across all sectors of beverage manufacturing, Inside Drinks is launching the Outstanding Performance in the Beverages Industry Award. Our shortlist of nominees includes a range of companies and organisations making their mark on the industry, and the winner will be announced in the next issue, published in November.
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Bottling It
Recent reports suggest bottled water is not as safe as tap, yet more is being sold than ever. We met IBWA’s Christopher Hogan and British Bottled Water Producers’ Jo Jacobius to learn why.
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Aloe Appeal
Aloe vera drinks remain a niche in the West but the market is growing along with consumers’ awareness of the health benefits, as ALO Drink founder Henry Chen tells Inside Drinks.
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Reign of Terror
How is a small French word with no direct translation helping a small group of vineyards carve out a niche in the champagne market? We investigate the rise of grower champagnes.
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Automation for Growth
Beverage manufacturers are increasingly turning to automated processing equipment to remain competitive, decrease costs and meet consumer demand, while keeping operations green and sustainable.
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Smooth Running
With many processors still confused about how to follow regulations surrounding food-grade lubricants, Inside Drinks asks Fragol’s Andre Adam and the NSF’s Ashlee Breitner how the issues can be clarified.
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The Interactive Pint
Beer packaging is going digital, with features including LEDs and Facebook connectivity. We find out how manufacturers are using technology to breathe new life into flat beer markets.
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Taking on Tequila
Tequila is traditionally associated with sombreros and slammers, so how can a premium brand distinguish itself? We learn how Osborn Pike successfully branded Casa Sauza XA for the luxury market.
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Next issue preview

Stevia has become increasingly popular with drinks manufacturers in recent years, especially following the EU’s approval for its use in beverages. We ask if Stevia is set to become the leading sweetener and how this trend has influenced new product development.

We also find out if sweeteners made from wheat and corn could seize market share from sugar in Europe following recent EU policy reforms and what the shift could mean for the soft drinks industry.

Moreover, we explore the rapidly growing market for flavoured vodka and find out what it takes to stand out from the crowd of new product launches, ask London’s first winery whether small-scale urban wine production – already a trend in the US – could be heading to Europe, and find out how brand owners such as Jägermeister are clamping down on fraudsters to protect the integrity of trademarked beverages.

The next issue will be out in November.

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