Issue 3

From coconut water to multi-vitamin shots and fruit smoothies, ‘healthy’ drinks are growing in popularity. In the latest issue we take a look at the latest trends in this sector to find out which ingredients manufacturers rely on to boost the health appeal of their beverages.

We look at the advancements in PET technology and a new spray that delivers small doses of alcohol minus the hangover. We also find out how pubs and restaurants can best profit from cafe culture.

Moreover, we profile a new can that keeps its contents chilled without refrigeration, and find out how the system has been doing in its first year on the market.

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In this issue

Drink Up
In today’s health conscious society people are turning more and more to healthier drink options. Inside Drinks explores trends in healthy beverages and asks how manufacturers can market their products to the ever changing customer base.
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Breathe In
A new alcohol spray promises to offer the feeling of a stiff drink with none of the negative side effects. We find out what the buzz is all about.
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Better Brews
Café culture retains its niche in the marketplace and still presents opportunities for operators to expand business, but only if they focus on their offer.
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The Rise of PET
Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is the food-grade plastic of choice for an increasing number of brand owners and packaging converters. Inside Drinks talks to Coca-Cola’s Dr Klaus Peter Stadler and NAPCOR’s Dennis Sabourin about advancements in PET technology.
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Chill Out
Early last year, Joseph Company invented a self-chilling beverage can. Arjun Parasuram, senior research analyst for packaging at Beroe, reviews acceptance of the technology so far, and its future potential in the beverages market.
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Next issue preview

Coca-Cola came third on Forbes’ 2012 World’s Most Powerful Brands list and Innocent Drinks has committed £14m to brand investment in 2013 after making the top of the 2012 social brands 100 list. We investigate how investing in a brand name can pay off.

We also look at new applications of tea as an ingredient in food and drink products, find out how increased consumer demand is driving innovation in non-alcoholic beverages, and explore the comeback of Sherry.

Moreover, we find out how the industry is responding to the EU-wide ban of the term ‘probiotic’ on packaging and in marketing, and explore new research on the shelf life and sustainability of beer in plastic bottles.

The next issue will be out on 16 May.

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