Issue 10

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A new drinks revolution is about to dominate 2015. We speak to experts in the industry to find out what the latest trends will be, as well as profiling the price of beer around the globe.

In this issue we also visit the Canadean International Beer Strategies Conference to find out more about the increasingly intricate arena of beer, in addition to going inside the brewery to explore the different developments within craft beer, the African beer market and to find out what the consumer needs.

Moreover, we learn how digital printing could accelerate the craft drinks market, discuss the options for vegan-friendly brewing and take a look at some of the strategies that companies are employing to boost their eco-friendly credentials.

Finally, we analyse the Prosecco lifestyle to find out how the sparkling wine has gradually risen in popularity.

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In this issue

Trends for the Industry: 2015
The drinks revolution that swept 2014 saw craft beers and coconut water reign supreme. Now, Sonia Sharma investigates what the upcoming trends will be in the new year.
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The Price of Beer Around the World
Have you ever wondered where you can drink the cheapest beers around the world and where to avoid the most expensive? If so, take a look at our handy infographic supplied by Finances Online.
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International Beer Awards
The evolution of the beer industry has led to an emergence of contemporary products and unique strategies to target today’s consumer. Inside Drinks visits the Canadean International Beer Strategies Conference to get an in-depth look at the increasingly complex beer industry.
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Inside the Brewery
We speak to Kevin Baker, account director of alcoholic beverages at Canadean, about the latest trends in the beer industry including craft beer, the African beer market and what the consumer is looking for.
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Accelerating the Market
The craft drinks market has taken off and is big business for both the drinks and packaging industry. Stephanie Phillips looks at how digital printing could accelerate what is an already rapidly growing industry.
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Beer, Minus the Fish
If beers aren’t made from meat or dairy, then why does vegan beer exist? Margot Knight chats to Brass Castle Brewery about the challenges of vegan-friendly brewing, the unaware vegan and fish guts.
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Going for Green
Reducing energy levels and keeping carbon footprints to a minimum is a prominent cause of concern for the industry. Sonia Sharma investigates what companies can do to improve their ‘green’ credentials.
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Time to Celebrate
Once a lesser known Italian sparkling wine, Prosecco has enjoyed a gradual rise to fame over recent years, even topping Champagne sales last year. Italian producer Primo Franco talks to Margot Knight about embracing the Prosecco lifestyle.
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Next issue preview

As more consumers look for dairy free alternatives to milk, we profile the researchers that are in the process of developing a method of growing milk
in a laboratory.

In the next issue of Inside Drinks, we take a look at the soft drinks market in Africa, speak to The City of London Distillery’s Nick Caputo about the history of gin, profile the new range of functional drinks designed to reduce cognitive decline and look at a new technology that can pasteurise liquids without damaging flavours and nutrients.

Moreover, we discuss premium branding for the beer market, speak to industry experts to discuss how manufacturers can add additional flavours to products to cover bitter or sour flavours and, finally, we find out how animal extracts are being used in beverages to benefit our health.

The next issue will be out in February 2015.

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