Cold brew coffee

The ingredients for a cold brew coffee are very simple, all that’s needed are coffee beans and water. Not to be confused with iced coffee, which is a chilled coffee served over ice, a cold brew is made by soaking the beans in room temperature or cold water for up to 24 hours. Cold brew coffee tends to be less bitter and acidic than typical hot coffee and is a hit with global coffeehouse chain Starbucks.

Credit: Matt@TWN, Flickr.

Mushroom coffee

These words don’t typically go together, however mushroom coffee is one of the latest black coffee trends around. This earthy beverage is made by blending regular ground coffee beans and powdered fungus. Different mushroom types are liquefied and dried to create the powdered substance. Finnish mushroom coffee makers Four Sigmatic have three blend variations and claim that their lion’s mane and chaga fungus coffee “supports focus, creativity, memory, concentration, and brain health”. Their cordyceps mushroom coffee keeps energy levels steady, while the maitake offering provides antioxidant properties.

Credit: @FourSigmatic.

Black sparkling coffee

A refreshing alternative making a name for itself in the coffee trends industry is sparkling coffee, or coffee soda. This bubbly beverage is simply a shot of espresso mixed with soda water and a few brands are leading the way with their own variations, including Stumptown Coffee, Matchless Coffee and Keepers. Stumptown is a US-based company that launched honey lemon, ginger citrus and original flavour cans, while Keepers’ sugar-free, zero calorie sparkling coffee has minimal variations – citrus and black. Matchless introduced its canned versions in April this year after serving their coffee soda on tap.

Credit: Stumptown.

Black coffee on tap

This brewing trend is a part of a broader surge in chilled coffee drinks. It is also referred to as nitrogen-infused (nitro) coffee. It’s stored in a keg and is said to have a smoother, richer and creamier taste to it. Its consistency also means milk and sugar aren’t needed to sweeten it up.

Credit: Wikimedia.

Coffee cocktails

The espresso martini isn’t the only coffee-based cocktail around. A coffee cocktail culture is sure to be established soon. Drinks companies like Tia Maria have already begun to release espresso drinks similar to the popular martini, for example the Tia Mint Americano, which consists of Tia Maria, espresso and sugar syrup.

Though, if a less sweet coffee variation is preferred, the company also offers a coffee tonic, which includes a double shot of Tia, a shot of espresso and tonic water, garnished with a lemon or grapefruit peel.

Credit: Andreasgr92, Flickr.