Inside Drinks Magazine: Market Focus Special Issue – November 2016

In this issue: Innovations and trends in the global beverage market and other insights from Canadean

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For drinks manufacturers, innovation is essential part of developing products that target the changing drinking habits of consumers and emerging market trends.

Based on recent analysis from Canadean, we take a look at the leading trends in cold, hot, and alcoholic beverages, examine innovation opportunities in gender-specific product development, and find out how brands can target out-of-home consumption occasions.

Also in this issue, we ask if ‘rare sugar’ will be a game-changing ingredient for drinks manufacturers in the war against obesity, and examine the impact that water quality has on the end flavour of coffee.

In other news from Canadean, we take a look at a new juice from Australia, which claims to contain twice the pulp of regular orange juice, and explore how top yogurt brands are opening the innovation spigot in yogurt drinks.

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In this issue

Innovation Update
A digest of global trends and developments in hot drinks, cold drinks, and alcohol, Eloise Mclennan sums up the innovations hitting the beverage market as identified by Canadean.
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Gender Specific
Drinks products designed to target either men or women walk a fine line between appealing to consumers and patronising them by using traditional or outdated gender stereotypes. Eloise McLennan sums up the trends FMCGs brands can use to target genders as identified in a Canadean report by Ronan Stafford and Kirsty Nolan.
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Consumers choosing to enjoy products away from the home present unique challenges for brands. Eloise McLennan wraps up the out-of-home drinks trends identified by Canadean in a new report by Ronan Stafford and Kirsty Nolan.
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Sweet Tooth
‘Rare sugar’ lives up to its name. Human ingenuity, however, is about to make rare sugar much less rare and the result may be a new weapon in the war against obesity. Tom Vierhile asks, is ‘rare sugar’ a potential game-changer in the war against obesity?
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A Quality Brew
The water added to brew coffee is a key element to making the perfect cup. Tom Vierhile explores the latest innovation in caffeinated beverages – a coffee product with its own purified water.
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Pulp it up
Orange juice consumers can have strong opinions on pulp – some love it, others hate it. Canadean examines a new launch in Australia, Nudie Double Pulp orange juice which claims to contain twice the pulp of regular orange juice.
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Drinkable Dairy
Top yoghurt brands are opening the innovation spigot in yoghurt drinks. Tom Vierhile asks if drinkable yoghurt the next great packaged drinks opportunity.
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Consumer Perspectives
At the end of 2015 Canadean surveyed more than 27,000 consumers across 31 markets globally about their attitudes to various concepts in food, drinks and consumer goods. In this series we take a look at questions and responses related to eating and drinking habits
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Next issue: December 2016

Based on recent analysis from Canadean, we examine the latest trends in hot drinks, cold drinks and alcohol. Also in this issue, we find out about the challenges and opportunities facing alcoholic drinks manufacturers, explore how mainstream, craft, and private label beer manufacturers continue to innovate and offer value propositions designed to meet evolving consumer need states, and chart the success of the craft brewer, BrewDog.

In other news from Canadean, we examine the rise of radler in Europe, take a look at a new banana drink billed as a ‘natural energy booster’, and explore how matcha become a ‘go-to’ ingredient for functional beverages.

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