French wine consumption has fallen from 160l per adult per year in 1965 to 57l in 2010, according to a major consumption survey published recently.

The survey showed that an average adult now consumes less than one glass of wine per day.

In terms of number of people who drank wine daily, the consumption rate has fallen from 21% in 2005 to 17% in 2010.

Within the same period, the consumption rate among occasional drinkers has risen from 41-45%.

The study, which is carried out every five years for the ministry of agriculture, also reveals that fruit juices and fizzy drinks are overtaking the wines especially during meal times.

The report states that public awareness campaigns against binge drinking, low economy and health concerns are some of the reasons for the downfall of wine consumptions.

Research official Caroline Plot said consumers nowadays are more concerned about their health especially in view of regular alcohol consumption, which led to decrease in wine purchases.

"There has also been a real shift in consumption habits: fizzy drinks and fruit juices are taking the place of wine on the French table," she added.

Research author Philippe Janvier said wines are now confined only to weekends, celebrations and parties.