Thumbs, a North California-based company providing wine consumers a web platform for searching and buying wines, has launched a new mobile application WineFinder to track the wines stocked in a supermarket or warehouse store.

Compatible with both Apple and Android phones, the WineFinder app searches the ThumbsUpWine database, which is filled with data related to different characteristics of wines, and displays the best matched results based on the consumer’s needs.

The app allows consumers to vary their search options based on price, varietal, food pairings, geography, flavors and palates, besides displaying a full-screen bottle image for the consumers to match it with their search. co-founder Matt Eshoo said not only does WineFinder find the best wines with a few taps of the screen, it also values the wine and even highlights wines of extraordinary value.

"Which means you’re saving time, saving money and walking out with the very best bottles in the store," Eshoo added.

The WineFinder app also features a Browse function, using which the users can explore a variety of’s content. co-founder Joe Gaspardone said they have spent three years working hard to solve a problem that affects anyone who has ever purchased a bottle of wine.

"You might spend ten minutes there trying to find the right bottle and still be disappointed when you get home and pop the cork. We’ve solved this problem with a blend of wine industry expertise and cutting edge technology," Gaspardone added.

Image: co-founders Joe Gaspardone and Matt Eshoo personally reviews and evaluates each of the thousands of wines in different supermarkets and warehouse stores. Photo: Thumbs Up Wine, LLC