Tallgrass Brewing, a Kansas-based craft brewery, is planning to triple its brewing capacity to become a regional player in the expanding national craft beer market.

As part of its expansion plans, the brewery will acquire a 60,000ft² building in Manhattan, Kansas, and will renovate it into a brewery.

Located near Manhattan’s regional airport, the new facility will allow Tallgrass to fulfill its plans of future growth and expansion.

The brewery expects to begin production at its new facility in late 2014.

At the end of 2013, the brewery’s beer production touched 16,000 barrels or 365,000gal.

With the new facility, Tallgrass will be able to produce additional 100,000 barrels or over three million gallons of beer annually.

Tallgrass Brewing founder and president Jeff Gill said the new and larger facility will give them the space and ability to be a dynamic and creative brewer of not only more beer, but also those specialty and limited edition beers that they have been dreaming of making since they started the brewery.

The brewery has hired design specialist Neenan of Fort Collins, Colorado, for the building’s conversion process, which will include enhancing its visitor experience.

Gill said "They decided early on that this needed to be more than just a place to make beer.

"We wanted it to be a showplace, a unique and welcoming location we would be proud to show off to our loyal Tallgrass beer drinkers. They deserve a great tour experience, and this facility will allow us to give them that."

Tallgrass’s portfolio of beers includes Pub Ale, Buffalo Sweat Stout, Velvet Rooster, 8-Bit Pale Ale and Ethos IPA, amongst others.