Swanson Vineyards, a California-based winery producing wines from Oakville vineyards, is to offer guests with wines based on their personalities through its new program – Vinotype.

Available at the Swanson Vineyards Napa Valley tasting room – Sip Shoppe and on Swanson website, the new interactive program allows guests to find out their Vinotype based on the answers given by them for three questions related to their daily life.

Created by master of wine/certified wine educator Tim Hanni, the program identifies people’s tasting behavior based on their psychological and physiological factors such as individual taste buds and cultural experiences.

The four main Vinotypes shown by the program are Sweet, Hypersensitive, Sensitive and Tolerant, which are based on sensitivity and tolerance of the individual for sweetness, alcohol, oak, tannins and fruit intensity.

Based on the Vinotypes, the program offers guests with wine recommendations.

Hanni said within each Vinotype, people often also have varying degrees of curiosity, with some being very content and other being more adventurous.

Swanson Vineyards creative director Alexis Swanson Traina said if someone is identified as a Sweet Vinotype, that does not mean they will be poured with big reds.

"We can custom tailor their experience with wines that appeal to their Vinotype™ such as our portfolio of gorgeous sweet wines," Traina added.

"The purpose is to create a unique experience for people where they learn something about themselves and the world of wine."