Puralytics, a Oregon-based water purification equipment company, has developed a sun-light activated water purification system – SolarBag – that uses advanced nanotechnology photocatalyst to treat the water.

SolarBag exceeds the standards and protocols required for water purifiers put forth by US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), reported wateronline.com.

The system, which is awaiting its patent, uses five photochemical reactions to break down organic compounds such as petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals, heavy metals like arsenic, lead and mercury and sterilizes 99.9999% of bacteria, 99.99% of viruses and 99.9% of protozoa and other pathogens.

Puralytics CEO and founder Mark Owen told the website that they are happy with the initial success of the SolarBag on Amazon and The Sportsman’s Guide.

"By choosing our product, consumers are validating the demand for a sustainable, effective approach to water purification," Owen added.

"Using the power of sunlight, the SolarBag eliminates the need for battery power, chemicals, pumping, cleaning filters or membranes."

SolarBag is also being used in many developing countries to meet the needs of safe water.

The water purification system is currently being shipped to 30 countries and has gone through approval processes from several foreign governments for allowing it to use in daily household use.

Owens said it is light, simple to use, easily transportable and reliable.

"This technology demonstrates our commitment to delivering innovative, sustainable solutions to provide safe water, anywhere," Owens added.