Nestlé has expanded its business in Europe with the launch of BabyNes nutrition system for infants and toddlers in France, following its successful run in Switzerland.

Designed based on the capsule systems technology, BabyNes offers young-ones with single-serve formulas that are carefully composed to suit a child’s changing nutritional needs and growth patterns.

BabyNes uses the patented technology to ensure safe and convenient bottle preparation.

The nutrition system is available only in France and Switzerland, where consumers can buy machines and capsules through their website or from selected baby stores.

Nestle Europe zone head Laurent Freixe said research and development is one of the company’s key competitive advantages.

"We continue to invest in Europe, in our innovations and to increase our presence in both premium categories and popularly positioned products," Freixe added.

"Four years ago we set an objective to achieve about CHF 1 billion of our sales in Europe through innovation. By the end of 2011 we had already exceeded this target."

By using the capsule systems technology, Nestlé built products like Nespresso, Nescafe, Dolce Gusto and the recently launched Special.T machine.

Image: Nestlé draws majority of its growth in Europe from the popularity of its system innovations like Nespresso, Special.T and BabyNes nutrition system. Source: Nestlé