Montalvo Spirits, a developer, marketer and distributor of premium alcoholic beverages, has expanded the distribution of its Montalvo Tequila brand to two new US states – Florida and New Jersey.

The vodka is available in three varieties: Plata, Reposado and Añejo.

Handcrafted in small-batches, the vodka is produced from 100% Blue Weber Agave plants sourced from the lowlands of Jalisco region in Mexico.

The Agaves are cooked for two days allowing the plants to reach their maximum flavor potential and then triple distilled to remove impurities.

Following the distillation, the Montalvo Plata is bottled, while Reposado and Anejo are aged in white American oak barrels for four months and 14 months, respectively.

The aging results in Reposado and Añejo releasing hints of vanilla and chocolate.

Launched initially in New York and California in April 2012, Montalvo Tequila is now available through MHW in New Jersey and Antares in Florida.

Montalvo Spirits CEO Alex Viecco said the company was always looking to grow the brand via strategic and independent distribution partnerships.

"Our growth into new key markets is driven by increased recognition of the brand, through grassroots marketing efforts and by our success in spirits competitions," added Viecco.

The company further plans to expand the tequila distribution throughout the US and internationally, with additional wholesaler partnerships to be announced early in summer 2013.