JM Smucker, an Ohio-based marketer and manufacturer, has reported net sales of $5,897.7m in the full year ended 30 April 2013, up 7%, as against that of $5,525.8m for the comparable period last year.

The company manufactures retail packaged coffee, shortening and oils, sweetened condensed milk, and health and natural foods beverages.

In the fourth quarter (Q4), net sales decreased 1% in 2013 to $1,339.6m from $1,355.4m in 2012, reflecting price declines taken earlier in financial year 2013.

Financial year 2013 operating income was up from $778.3m in FY2012 to $910.4m, an increase of 17%.

Reported operating income for the three months ended 30 April 2013 was $214.1m, up 15%, compared to operating income of $185.6m in the same period in 2012.

Net income for the company increased from $459.7m in the full year 2012 to $544.2m in the full year 2013, an increase of 18%.

In the Q4 of 2013, net income generated was $130.3m, up 25%, as against net income of $104.1m during the comparable period previous year.

JM Smucker CEO Richard Smucker said their momentum continued through a strong fourth quarter, as they achieved record sales, earnings, and operating cash flow for the full financial year.

"The record results we reported were achieved while also making significant investments toward our future growth and creating value for shareholders," Smucker added.

"In 2013, we increased the annual dividend paid per share by nine percent, while also repurchasing nearly four percent of our shares. Our long-term focus, strong consumer-relevant brands, robust innovation, and dedicated employees are keys to this success."

JM Smucker COO and president Vince Byrd said, "Combining strong brand building, innovation, and productivity initiatives with an ability to quickly adapt to market conditions has created a platform for growth."