The use of home water filtration system reduces carbon emissions generated during the production of traditional bottled water, according to New York-based point-of-use (POU) bottleless water distributor One Touch Water.

Bottled water accounts for usage of 2.7 million tonnes of plastic and ten million barrels of crude oil annually throughout the world, alongside the number of greenhouse gases released into the earth’s atmosphere, which affect the temperature of earth.

The home water filtration system from One Touch Water helps in reducing the amount of greenhouse gases, reported

One Touch’s home water filtration system filters water directly from the home’s waterline instead of plastic bottles, thereby avoiding the usage of bottles and bottle supplying delivery trucks.

As the filtration is a POU system that distributes water through an energy-efficient infrastructure, there is no wastage of water.

The only maintenance required for the home water filtration system is the occasional changing of the filter.

One Touch Water spokesperson David Green said the company was astounded by the measure of plastic and gas consumption in the manufacturing and distribution of water in this country – even more so throughout the world.

"The amount of potential damage is exponential, which does not even include the irreversible damage we’ve already done," Green said.

"Our filtration systems will not solve the problem overnight, but one of our bottleless home water filters can surely put us on the right track for a greener planet."