Herborium Group, a US-based Botanical Therapeutics company involved in developing, licensing and marketing proprietary and botanical-based medicinal products, has selected New Jersey’s Fedway Associates for distribution of Kamasutra Exotic Vodka with Natural Herbs in the region.

Kamasutra Exotic Vodka is the first alcoholic beverage endorsed by herbaceutical science and will favour adult beverage drinkers of flavoured vodka, which accounts for around $4bn in the US.

The introduction of Herborium sexual health Botanical Therapeutics Lasting Pleasure and Lasting Power in the fall of 2012 reflects synchronised marketing opportunities between Kamasutra ‘The Natural Spirit of Seduction’ and Herborium’s natural sexual health formulas.

This is supported by the fact that sexual health products in the US account for over $7bn and Herborium’s botanical formulations registering a growth of 45% since 2011.

Herborium Group chairwoman and CEO Agnes Olszewski said following positive sales in August 2012 than expected during the debut of Kamasutra Exotic Vodka, the global marketing team has decided to increase the commercialisation of the product.

Fedway Associates has over 7,000 points of sale in retail stores, restaurants, bars and taverns in New Jersey.

Olszewski said brining on Fedway with its distribution capabilities and expertise in the industry, provides an excellent springboard to enter $4.8bn in annual sales in the US vodka market.

"We are looking forward to a very exciting Autumn into the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year holidays as the Kamsutra gains more popularity and market share, and its beautifully shaped bottles fly off the shelves," Olszewski added.