Heaven Hill Distilleries, a Kentucky-based independent family-owned and operated spirits producer and marketer, has added a new Peppermint Chocolate flavour to the company’s seasonal spirits Evan Williams Original Southern Egg Nog.

Evan Williams Peppermint Chocolate flavour is made with real Evan Williams Bourbon and will be released in October 2012.

The 30 proof or 15% ABV Evan Williams Peppermint Chocolate Egg Nog will ship in September 2012 and will be initially available in 750ml bottle formats with further plans to make it available in 1.75l bottle format.

The packaging of Peppermint Chocolate flavour resembles with that of the traditional Evan Williams square bottle and labeling, but with an additional red neck wrap and cap and also an image of peppermint chocolate bark and peppermint candies on the face label of the bottle below the logo.

Evan Williams Peppermint Chocolate Egg Nog can be consumed directly when chilled or can be used as a base for variety of cocktails.

The 750ml bottle will be made available at most markets across the country at an average national retail price of $11.99.

Heaven Hill Distilleries senior brand manager Susan Wahl said with they wanted to introduce a flavoured extension that would continue that popularity and introduce some variety into the brand family.

"The Peppermint Chocolate version is not only consistent with the positioning and profile of the original, but it also gives consumers a choice for holiday entertaining and gift giving that is in keeping with current taste trends," Wahl added.

Image: Evan Williams Peppermint Chocolate Egg Nog is the first flavoured companion of the company’s seasonal spirit Evan Williams Original Southern Egg Nog. Source: Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc.