Great Lakes Brewing Company (GLBC), a Ohio-based principle-centered, environmental and social conscious company, has chosen third party logistics (3PL) provider Transplace to manage its North American transport management activities.

GLBC, which produces over 100,000 barrels of lagers and ales annually and serves 13 states including the Washington DC, needed a technology to streamline the freight flows in North American regions.

By using Transplace’s logistic technology and services, GLBC will improve its transportation planning, execution and management activities of all its shipments from main distribution center to Great Lakes region and nearby areas.

Transplace will procure and manage the beer company’s truckload contracts with the carrier community and ensure compliance with temperature requirements associated with beverage shipments.

GLBC president and co-founder Daniel Conway said they have been committed to providing its customers with a high-quality product and service experience.

"It was important for us to select a logistics service provider that understood and aligned with our company culture and values, and would work collaboratively with us to optimize our transportation operations and improve service levels in an environmentally respectful way," Conway added.

Transplace senior vice president Matthew Menner said the alcohol and beverage industry is a highly competitive marketplace and often requires a flexible and responsive supply chain due to a demanding, widespread distribution network and specific transportation and delivery requirements.

"Transplace’s scalable solutions allow us to give growth-oriented companies such as Great Lakes Brewing Company the comprehensive logistics technology and extensive network resources to improve their transportation execution and enable them run just as efficiently as larger enterprises."