Don Sebastiani & Sons, a California-based family owned and operated wine negociant, has completed the upgradation of its Napa Valley winery with a new name ‘Steelbird Cellar.’

As part of the upgradation, the facility added a new bottling line in June 2012 with packaging options for 750ml glass bottling, bulk wine storage and 3l bag-in-box packaging.

The new bottling line can also be used to handle different wine closures like natural and synthetic cork, screw cap and Zork.

During the same period, the facility also added a water filtering, softening and dechlorination system to enhance water quality and to reduce the amount of chemicals used for cleaning and sanitisation.

Another major addition to the winery upgrade was a motion-activated lighting system that was built along with T5 Fluorescent Fixtures with integrated motion detection, which resulted in saving nearly $10,000 per year with The Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E).

Don Sebastiani & Sons operations director John Nicolette said since past three years they saw a rapid growth in the business, which forced them to build a better facility.

"(The plant) provides the perfect location for us to enhance our custom service offerings and strengthen our client relationships at the same time," Nicolette added.

Don Sebastiani & Sons president and CEO Don Sebastiani said their facility at Napa Valley was always efficient and productive.

"The new Steelbird Cellars will truly be a showcase for our company, particularly for our business-to-business custom services," he added.