Devotion Spirits, a California-based maker of Devotion Vodka brand, has introduced a range of 100% Made in America sugar-free and gluten-free flavoured vodkas.

The new flavours added to the Devotion Vodka brand include Wild Cherry and Coconut vodkas, which complement well with the current line-up of fruit flavoured drinks – Blood Orange, Black and Blue, and The Perfect Cosmo.

Made from dark wild cherries, the Wild Cherry vodka features smooth texture with subtle balance of ripe cherries, whereas Coconut vodka is made from a blend of natural coconut and other fruit flavours and offers smooth, and well-balanced taste.

Devotion’s Wild Cherry vodka is used to make cocktails such as Cherry Pop, which is a blend of 2oz Devotion Wild Cherry, sugar-free cranberry juice, a squeeze of orange wedge and two cherries in a highball glass.

To make the vodka sugar-free, Devotion Vodka teamed up with Allen Flavors, maker of Arizona Iced Tea, and used an essence process along with natural flavour compounds instead of using sugar.

The new line of sugar-free flavoured vodkas is directed towards image-conscious men and women with active lifestyles.

Devotion’s flavoured vodkas allow people to create sugar-free and gluten-free martinis and cocktails at home.

Moreover, specialty cocktails featuring Devotion Vodka flavours are also on menus at many established restaurants.

Devotion Spirits CEO Drew Adelman said there continues to be a shift in consumer priorities, and products that maintain gluten-free and sugar-free attributes have become very popular across many categories.

"Other flavored vodkas are packed with sugars, while our innovative flavoring process was developed with the image-conscious adult in mind," Adelman added.

Devotion Vodka’s Wild Cherry and Coconut flavours are available for purchase at retail stores, restaurants and bars in 24 states at suggested retail price of $19.99 each.


Image: Devotion Vodka’s full-line selection of flavored vodkas. Photo courtesy of Devotion Spirits, Inc.