Tinley Beverage Company’s 20,000ft² cannabis beverage bottling and distribution facility in Long Beach, California, US, has passed its electrical inspections.

Last November, the company announced that it completed the buildout of its specialised cannabis bottling facility.

Tinley noted that the local utilities have now completed the installation of the transformer and electrical systems at the facility.

In addition, state-level relevant regulatory bodies specified that the company’s new facility satisfied all the requirements for receipt of a cannabis manufacturing licence.

However, satisfactory municipal approvals from the City of Long Beach are still pending.

Additionally, the beverage company noted that it is nearing the decommissioning of its Phase 2 bottling facility in expectation of operationalising Phase 3.

Last September, Tinley announced the completion of its Phase 3 permanent bottling facility in Long Beach, California.

The company said that its new facility will be used for formulation, batching and co-packing a wide range of cannabis-infused beverages.

It will also produce Tinley-branded products, which began shipping to distributors from a Phase 2 manufacturing facility earlier this year.

Furthermore, Tinley added that it will continue to produce its cannabis-based products even during the outbreak of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

On 19 March, California issued Covid-19 orders, under which cannabis dispensaries have been deemed essential services. This has enabled companies to continue supplying their cannabis products.

These restriction orders also do not affect Tinley’s non-infused line of liquor-inspired tonics production.