US-based Tinley Beverage has completed development of its Phase 3 permanent bottling facility in Long Beach, California.

The new facility will be used for formulation, batching and co-packing a wide range of cannabis-infused beverages. It will also produce Tinley-branded products, which began shipping to distributors from a Phase 2 manufacturing facility earlier this year.

Its other purposes will include branding, regulatory and beverage-specific DSD distribution-related services.

The Tinley Beverage Company director Ted Zittell said: “This achievement marks the culmination of several years of design, engineering and construction work, enabled by learnings from the real-world sales and market experience that we have gained as a Company through our Phase 1 and Phase 2 facilities.

“With a first-class production and sales team in place, Tinley is well-positioned to help third-party CPG and lifestyle brand owners extend their offer into the growing cannabis beverage market, in the same manner as our team has done for over 100 such brands globally in the cola and wider beverage industry.”

The company recently began production of non-infused versions of its single-serve Tinley Tonics and multi-serve Tinley ‘27 liquor-inspired cannabis beverages, as part of the bottling line commission process.

After obtaining final licensing, the company plans to produce infused versions at the facility.

License completion is subject to electrical and other confirmatory inspections, based on the local authorisation, approved by the City of Long Beach.

The 20,000ft² facility is expected to have an annual capacity of approximately 12 million bottles.

It can also accommodate two additional bottling lines for more beverage formats, such as miniature bottles and cans.

The facility will supply its products to North America’s largest beverage market.