Beverage maker and drinkable meal specialist Soylent has partnered with the pharmacy store chain Walgreens to expand its retail footprint.

Following the partnership, Soylent’s products, including new formats and on-the-go options, will be available for purchase at Walgreens units across the US.

Moreover, the company will be also offering a plant-based product and a new 11oz format of its Complete Meal Shake for consumers to purchase in-store.

Soylent’s Complete Meal Shake, which is said to have fewer calories and only 1g of sugar, will be available in four-packs.

Soylent CEO Demir Vangelov said: “We’re on a mission to make complete, sustainable nutrition accessible, appealing and affordable to all. As more consumers strive to figure out the balance of work, school and family schedules in a time with so much change, we want to ensure they can access better-for-you, nutritious options where they are already shopping.

“We have a massive online consumer base. However, we know that many of our consumers still like to grab nutritional products when they are picking up their other pharmacy items at Walgreens, so this is a win-win.”

Founded in 2013, Soylent first entered the traditional brick-and-mortar retail channels from e-commerce in 2018.

The latest partnership follows the Los Angeles-headquartered company’s tie-up with Walmart and Target nationwide.

Last April, Soylent relaunched its products, including three 14oz ready-to-drink (RTD) offerings, as well as two powder flavours, Original and Chocolate, in the Canadian market.

Soylent withdrew its products from the Canadian market in 2017 due to certain challenges with some Canadian Government filings.

In 2019, Soylent launched RTD mint chocolate, which offers a creamy milk chocolate taste with a hint of mint.