Beverage maker Soylent Nutrition has announced the relaunch of its products in the Canadian market.

As part of this initiative, the company will be re-launching three 14oz ready-to-drink (RTD) flavours, including Original, Chocolate and Cafe Mocha, as well as two powder flavours Original and Chocolate.

It added that its products will be shelf-stable, plant-based and maintain their complete nutrition profiles.

Soylent CEO Demir Vangelov said: “We have been taking a number of steps to refocus our business and renew our commitment to core consumers and core products, and this is a big step forward.

“Our Canadian customers have remained dedicated and have been vocal in reminding us that they wanted us back. It took longer than we hoped, but we are thrilled to be available in Canada again.”

The company noted that it has re-introduced its products in the market at a time when shelf-stable, nutritious products are in demand for direct delivery to customers’ homes.

Soylent meal replacement drink products can be now ordered directly from the company and are now available for order in Canada online.

The company noted that it has re-entered the Canadian market after two years.

In 2017, Soylent withdrew its products from the Canadian market due to certain challenges with some Canadian Government filings.

Last September, Soylent launched ready-to-drink (RTD) mint chocolate, which offers a creamy milk chocolate taste with a hint of mint.