US-based Soylent has launched ready-to-drink (RTD) mint chocolate, which offers a creamy milk chocolate taste with a hint of mint.

The drink is claimed to contain 36 essential nutrients, as well as 20g plant protein in every 414ml bottle. It is also gluten and lactose-free.

Soylent brand marketing vice-president Andrew Thomas said: “Our new mint chocolate drink requested by our fans was engineered by Soylent’s hard-working team, with the complex tastes of humanity in mind.

“With its attractive mint green label, we thought it was a perfect time for a new campaign that finally answers one of the internet’s most burning questions — what is the secret of Soylent? It’s plants, not people.”

Soylent product development and innovation vice-president Julie Daoust said: “Many companies talk about their sustainability impact but very few actually make the investment to get the independent data to prove or disprove their assumptions. We’ve continued to focus on creating products that are delicious, nutrient-dense and good for the future of our planet. In more ways than one, Soylent really is green.”

According to an independent study, soy produces the most usable protein per acre out of all plant and animal protein in the western agricultural system.

A 2oz fast-food cheeseburger causes five times the carbon dioxide emissions compared to a Soylent Drink, the company claim.

The Mint Chocolate RTD is currently available on and will be available on Amazon from October.

Currently, the firm’s RTD offers eight flavours including original, cacao, café mocha and vanilla.

The firm has also launched Life Cycle Analysis, which indicates the environmental footprint in the manufacture of its products.

In April, Soylent also launched a range of Soylent Squared bars.