Wine exports from Spain are reported to have reached €1.32bn (£1.21bn) during the first half of this year, an increase of 6% in comparison to 2016.

According to Spanish Wine Market Observatory (OeMv) data, higher wine prices have increased the value of exports, despite lower sales in terms of the volume.

Demand was particularly high in the Chinese market, which saw an increase of 28% and was valued at €21m. In addition, Canada saw increases of 23.6%, while Portugal had 21% rises in demand.

The observatory also noted markets usually considered strong for Spanish wine sales such as Germany, France, and the US registered a slower growth rate. Brexit impacted exports to the UK.

"Demand was particularly high in the Chinese market, which saw an increase of 28%."

An OeMv official was quoted by as saying: “The data shows that the higher value of Spanish wine exports is as a result of stable production, an improved adaptation to the requirements of markets, continued progression of bottled wines, distribution improvements, market diversification, and the progressive transformation from bulk wine towards quality products with higher prices.”

Exports of bottled wine are reported to have increased by 9.3% in comparison to last year, while red and rosé wine exports improved by 3.8%.

The biggest market for Spanish wines in terms of export value is Germany with €18.79m, followed by the US and France with €16.51m and €16.16m, respectively.