Nespresso Professional has expanded its Momento coffee systems portfolio with the addition of the new Momento Coffee & Milk machine.

The addition of the new machine completes the Nespresso Momento range and joins its single-head and double-head coffee systems.

Featuring touchless technology, the Momento Coffee & Milk machine has been designed to offer various options, ranging from lattes and macchiatos to espressos and americanos.

Offering a variety of barista-like quality milk-based recipes, the Nespresso Momento Coffee & Milk machine is claimed to deliver an authentic, sustainable, high-quality coffee experience.

The machine has been programmed to prepare 12 different milk or coffee recipes.

It can be operated with touchless remote control, lock screen or automatic brewing technology.

Nespresso USA Sales vice-president Kika Buhrmann said: “American workplaces have been changing rapidly. They have become more flexible, with teams now working from a mix of home and office.

“This makes human interaction even more valuable, as face-to-face conversations are few and far between.

“Combining innovative touchless technologies with the Nespresso Momento Coffee & Milk machine’s complete range of speciality coffee drinks made with fresh milk allows for creating even more extraordinary coffee moments that fuel conversation and reconnection, without ever touching the machine.”

Last October, Nespresso Professional announced the addition of touchless functionalities to its Momento range of coffee machines.

With the inclusion of new touchless features, the company aims to ensure safer coffee moments at every office amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The company said that the Nespresso Momento machines will also have an automatic brewing option.