Nespresso Professional has announced the addition of touchless functionalities to its Momento range of coffee machines.

With the inclusion of new touchless features, the company aims to ensure safer coffee moments at every office amid Covid-19 pandemic.

Nespresso USA B2B vice-president Kika Buhrmann said: “The current global pandemic has disrupted many workplaces, with employees and employers looking to adapt to increased safety measures and sanitary precautions while maintaining or recreating social moments with colleagues.

“This is why Nespresso Professional has developed three new options for its Nespresso Momento machine range to enable employees to maintain social interactions around their favourite Nespresso coffee in a safer way.”

As part of this initiative, Nespresso Professional said that it will roll out a remote-control solution for all Nespresso Momento machines.

This will enable users to control the machine from their mobile phones through a web-app.

After inserting the capsule, coffee drinkers can select their preferred cup size and recipe directly from their phone without touching the machine.

The company said that the Nespresso Momento machines will also have an automatic brewing option.

Additionally, the machines will have a lock-screen feature that will allow each employee to disinfect the touchscreen and interact with them safely.

Buhrmann added: “The enhanced Nespresso Momento system invites people to enjoy a cup of coffee and help them forge more meaningful relationships in the office in an even more secure way.

“With the launch of the new technology offerings, we are continuing to expand our exceptional coffee experience for today’s workplace.”