Molson Coors Canada has opened its new brewery in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia at Chilliwack.

The C$300m ($226.2m) brewery will have 100 staff members, joining the Molson Coors network of 29 breweries worldwide.

Molson Coors Canada president and CEO Frederic Landtmeters said: “This new modern brewery nestled at the foot of the Cascade mountain range of British Columbia in Chilliwack will proudly brew the Molson and Coors trademarks along with many other brands within our portfolio.

“This brewery will primarily serve our western Canadian markets positioned strategically in British Columbia to offer an efficient and effective modern brewery to compete in this important market.

“This modern brewery continues the long-standing commitment to our environment with sustainability at the heart of our operational excellence and efficiencies in our brewing and distribution operations.”

Announced in August 2016, construction works on the project began in April 2017.

During the construction phase, the project is said to have created more than 1,000 jobs in the region.

The facility incorporates technologies that consume less electricity, as well as reduce carbon footprint, the brewing company noted.

Commenting on the development, Chilliwack mayor Ken Popove said: “On behalf of Chilliwack City Council, it is a pleasure to officially welcome Molson Coors Canada to Chilliwack.

“Back in the 1890s, Chilliwack was home to the first successful hop-growing field in British Columbia and was a leader in hop farming until the 1990s. With Molson Coors now in Chilliwack, it feels like we’ve come full circle.”