Napa-based Luna Vineyards has announced its decision to take decisive measures during coronavirus (Covid-19) while ensuring winemaking and cellar activities continue.

Luna has instructed its leadership, administrative, and enterprise sales personnel to work from their home.

Winemaking personnel are deployed on-site to observe the CDC social distancing recommendation while winemaking activities continue.

In addition, the company introduced an innovative way for its wine tasting staff to work from home.

The company has planned a series of live online tastings of its Estate and Reserve wines, pre-releases, and wine club favourites on Instagram, Facebook and Zoom.

Vineyards Marketing vice-president Nisha Singh said: “In a virtual space, the intimacy and transparency between our club members, guests, and the Chief Winemaker is a magical exchange.”

The company noted that these measures have been in place before the Covid-19 directive came through the Governor’s Office of California this month.

Luna Vineyards CEO Andre Crisp said: “Without exception, doing what’s best for Luna always means doing what is best for Luna’s employees.

“With a mandatory shelter-in-place, our members have reached out asking how they can support Luna, and the best way is to continue buying and enjoying Luna Vineyards wines.”

Spring Relief Initiative was also launched by Luna to help local healthcare providers and its workers who are on the frontline of fighting coronavirus.

As part of the initiative, the company will donate a percentage of wine sales during March and April to OLE Health, a community health centre in Napa Valley impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.