Crown Holdings has agreed to acquire Signode Industrial Group Holdings for $3.91bn.

Based in the US, Crown Holdings is a manufacturer of packaging products for consumer marketing firms.

The acquisition will result in adding transit and protective packaging solutions to Crown’s existing metal packaging business.

Campbell Soup Company has agreed to purchase Snyder’s-Lance for $6bn.

Based in the US, Campbell Soup Company is engaged in the production and selling of food and beverage products.

The transaction will expand Campbell’s snacking brand portfolio and enable it to access growing distribution channels.

Mitr Phol Sugar Corporation has entered an agreement to purchase a 50% stake in Far East Agri for $100m.

“Campbell Soup Company has agreed to purchase Snyder’s-Lance for $6bn.”

Based in Thailand, Mitr Phol is engaged in the production of sugar.

The acquisition will expand Mitr Phol’s sugar milling and refining business in Indonesia.

Puratos Group has acquired Fruitapeel for an undisclosed sum.

The acquisition will enable Puratos to take over Fruitapeel’s 50,000ft² manufacturing facility.

Based in Belgium, Puratos produces ingredients and raw materials for bakery, patisserie and chocolate firms.

The transaction will boost Puratos’ footprint in the UK bakery industry.

Isodiol International has agreed to purchase Purodiol for an undisclosed value.

Based in Canada, Isodiol develops and manufactures consumer products for pharmaceutical industries.

The transaction will expand Isodiol’s footprint in the UK and rest of Europe, as well as Asia and South and Central America.