Cannabis-infused beverage maker BevCanna’s Naturo Group has expanded the retail footprint of TRACE alkaline and mineral-infused water products across Canada.

In tandem with its retail expansion, the company is also launching new TRACE multi-packs in national retailers across Canada.

BevCanna president Melise Panetta said: “The addition of the new multi-pack options reflects the very positive response we’ve seen in the Canadian marketplace to our wellness-focused range of products. It’s also a testament to the success of our sales team in establishing new major distributor relationships, ensuring that TRACE products are widely available to consumers and in their preferred formats.

“We’re continuing to grow this vertical rapidly and are very encouraged with the level of success that we’re achieving.”

BevCanna said that the launch of new beverage multi-packs comes in response to the increasing consumer demand for take-home and value-priced options for wellness products.

Going forward, the company plans to further increase the range of TRACE products sold through its growing points of distribution.

Last month, BevCanna finalised an agreement with Benefit Holdings doing business as (DBA) Benefit Brand Management to expand the footprint of its TRACE Products in the US.

Under the agreement, Benefit agreed to distribute BevCanna’s TRACE line of products to a wide range of retailers in the US. Initially, the products will be distributed in the New York, Chicago and California markets.

BevCanna said that the increased range reflects the success of its expert sales team, which is led by Raffael Kapusty and Bill Niarchos.

They played a key role in both the Koyo Foods and Benefit Brand Management partnerships and also in expanding TRACE’s overall distribution network.