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In this issue we get an insight into product design in the luxury alcohol market, take a look at opportunities and product development in the ‘healthy beer’ sector, find out how vineyards are adopting robotic laser technology as a bird deterrent.

We also round up the best ideas from the London Wine Fair, investigate how the introduction of a ‘sugar tax’ has affected soft drinks volumes in different countries, and find out how manufacturers can address demand for reduced- or zero-sugar formulations using key on-trend and emerging ingredients.

Plus, we review the proposed revamp of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, and take a look at the latest beverages are aimed towards consumers fitness and exercise habits.

In this issue

Product Design: The Luxury Sector

Whether the consumer is sipping on a luxury spirit or admiring a vintage whisky, brands need to be able to cater to an audience that expects high quality. Jasmine Lee-Zogbessou looks at the recent pack redesign of French Brandy St-Rémy to find out more

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Bird control: Protecting vineyards from bird damage with lasers

Earlier this year lasers provided successful results as a bird deterrent at a vineyard in Sonoma County, California. Callum Tyndall investigates how the technology works and the role it is set to play as vineyards become more technologically-driven

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Event Round-up: London Wine Fair

During the 38th edition of the London Wine Fair, an exhibition showcasing over 14,000 wines from 40 countries, Inside Drinks heard from three French wine companies – Château Montlabert, Château Les Carmes Haut-Brion and Château Beychevelle – explaining why Bordeaux is back.

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Sugar tax 2018: examining the global impact on drinks volumes

To say the last 752 days have been pivotal for the UK’s drinks industry would be an understatement. Soft drinks have undergone major ingredients changes, pack sizes have dropped and prices have risen. Today the ‘sugar tax’ takes effect – now it’s time for the really interesting bit. Global Data finds out how different countries tackled this challenge

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Work out fuel: How do consumers view drink products that target fitness and exercise?

A large part of healthy living is fitness and exercise. However, people have different motivations to exercise, different frequencies in which they exercise, and have a varied attitude towards products that are aimed at consumers interested in fitness and health. Looking at the latest consumer survey data from GlobalData, we investigate consumers’ interest in products tailored towards fitness and exercise habits.

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The SNAP effect: soft drink manufacturers could face a ‘new blow’ following programme revamp

Carbonated soft drink manufacturers are used to navigating choppy waters, especially in the US where sales have been declining since 2003. A proposed revamp of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programme (SNAP), which provides foods and beverages to poor Americans, could end up delivering a new blow to soft drinks that the industry did not anticipate. GlobalData finds out more.

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Forget what you know about ‘healthy beer’

Many think of beer as a high calorific drink which is likely to give you a beer belly. The move towards healthier lifestyles has meant that beer manufacturers are urged to fight this perception and come up with low-calorie options. GlobalData explains how companies are working around the idea of healthy beer.

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Stevia, Agave and Honey: Ingredient Weapons to Challenge the War on Sugar

As consumers grow wary of high-sugar levels in beverages, finding a suitable ‘healthy’ alternative is a challenge. Using research from GlobalData, Eloise McLennan examines how drink brands can answer the growing demand for reduced or zero-sugar formulations using key on-trend and emerging ingredients

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Next issue preview

In the next issue of Inside Drinks we learn more about a new innovation for coffee drinkers, find out how ‘trendy’ drinks such as nitro coffee and cold pressed juice are faring with consumers, and discover more about the latest offering from Pepsi in the form of its J-Cola Midnight night-time beverage.

We also look at the concept of light beer and how a new wave of innovators are seeking to establish themselves in this niche market, and explore the role premiumisation and indulgence play in consumers’ purchasing decisions.

Plus, we look at the latest developmetns in plant-based milks, look into the trend of more premium craft whiskies being sold in independent shops, and analyse the pricing of non-alcoholic drinks.