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In this issue of Inside Drinks we look at the trends shaping the industry for the year ahead, examine how bottled water is topping the non-alcoholic market, and profile Russia’s evolving beverage sector.

We also look at how brands can best respond to evolutions in consumer behaviour stemming from socio-economic and socio-demographic change, and explore what Coca-Cola’s move to branch out into energy drinks could mean for the market.

Finally, we look at the possibility of an under-18s energy drink ban in the UK, investigate how millennials are driving the growth of alcohol-free beer,  and ask if meal replacement drinks are coming back into focus. 

In this issue 

Ones to watch: industry stories to keep track of

The industry is ever evolving and with a variety of socio-economic factors shaking up the global market, it can be hard to keep up with everything of note. We take a quick look at some of the stories worth keeping an eye on.

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The year to come: exploring trends for 2019

As some trends fall out of favour, others are gaining popularity. From continued investment in sustainability and the ‘war on sugar’ to exploration of new ingredients, the industry is only set to continue changing. Callum Tyndall explores the trends to watch in 2019.

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Plain and simple: water’s dominance of a growing non-alcoholic market

As the health and wellness macro-trend drives consumers to look for non-alcoholic beverages, the market is experiencing a surge of growth. Standing atop this growth, according to Zenith Global, is the humble bottled water. Callum Tyndall finds out more.

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The Russian market: evolving towards a healthier future 

While discussion of regional drinks industries often focuses on established giants like the US and rising interests such as China, Russia represents a huge consumer base and investment opportunity that should not go ignored. Callum Tyndall profiles the country’s beverage sector.

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Evolving landscapes: examining the transformation of consumer behaviours

The evolving landscapes trend captures evolutions in consumers’ behaviour and attitudes towards products across the fast-moving consumer goods sector, based on factors such as socio-economic and socio-demographic changes. Callum Tyndall looks at how brands can best respond to these changes.

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Coca-Cola’s move into energy drinks could provide a sales lift

As rising demand for energy drinks bucks the trend seen among other sugary beverage categories, it was only a matter of time before Coca-Cola branched out with the touted launch of Coca Cola Energy.  GlobalData examines what the move could mean.

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Millennials are driving alcohol-free beer’s rapid growth

The importance of health and wellbeing among millennials remains crucial to the projected rise of non-alcoholic beer consumption in the UK. GlobalData explores the sector’s growth and how this consumer group plays into it.

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As bad as booze? Research backs under-18s UK energy drinks ban

As campaigns highlight the potentially harmful impact of letting children drink alcohol and energy drinks before turning 18, GlobalData explores why enforcing an age restriction on these high-caffeine, high-sugar energy drinks is the logical next step to maintaining children’s health.

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Are meal replacement drinks coming back into focus?

The recent expansion of the NHS’ Type 2 Diabetes reversal plan, which is reliant on nutritionally balanced meal replacement drinks for diabetics, could put the spotlight back on them as a choice for consumers looking to make healthy product choices. GlobalData investigates.

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Next issue preview

In the next issue of Inside Drinks, we look at how the dairy industry is adapting as consumers increasingly move towards milk alternatives, investigate tea’s repositioning as a wellness product, and examine the state of smart technology in the industry.

Plus, additional analysis and insight from GlobalData.