In this issue of Inside Drinks we look at the extinction threat to wild coffee, talk to Everledger and Avery Dennison about their blockchain solution to wine traceability, and examine Tetra Pak’s new solution to boost juice production efficiency.

We also find out what is driving growth in the non-alcoholic sector, learn from industry experts what you need to know about the state of alcohol alternatives, and explain why drinks companies should reconsider their farming practices.

Finally, we talk to Libertas Vineyards’ managing director about premium wine and hear from Quintessential Brands’ CMO about the future of Irish whiskey. 

In this issue

The land before coffee: what will happen when the world’s most popular coffee species go extinct? Around 60% of wild coffee species are expected to become extinct according to a study published in the journal Science Advances this January. With some species expected to disappear in just a couple of decades, Deborah Williams asks what is behind the extinction and what is being done to prevent it.

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The grapes of RAM: blockchain in wine traceability and beyond

Earlier this year, Avery Dennison announced it is collaborating with Everledger to develop a blockchain-based labelling solution, which would allow wine bottles to be tracked using near-field communication technology. Rosie Lintott asks Avery Dennison how the solution works and what the broader industry applications of blockchain are. Click here to read more.

Could a new Tetra Pak innovation boost efficiency in juice production?

Tetra Pak has been exploring a new pasteurisation process that could significantly reduce the costs of producing juice, nectar, still drinks and tea. Joe Baker asks, why is boosting efficiency increasingly important in the juice industry, and how will this new solution help?
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Curiously sober: the rise of the non-alcoholic drinks sector

With increasing health-consciousness and a demand for wellness-oriented products, the non-alcoholic drinks sector is steadily rising and the big alcohol brands are starting to take note. Callum Tyndall finds out what is driving the growth and where the sector may be headed.
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Swing low: industry experts weigh in on the state of alcohol alternatives

The non-alcoholic sector has been gaining increasing attention in light of the booming wellness trend. Callum Tyndall talks to industry experts to find out what you need to know about the state of the sector and where it’s headed.
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Why drinks companies should focus on farming to win the consumer’s love

For decades now, the efficiency of ingredients – what gives maximum yield, which is most disease or frost-resistant – has taken precedence over everything else. Laura Foster examines why companies should pay more attention to the environmental and health impact of the growing of raw materials.
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Distell frees its premium wines with Libertas Vineyards There’s been relatively little time since Kay Nash was unveiled as the head of Distell’s new premium wine unit, Libertas Vineyards & Estates. However, Nash has been working for Distell since the start of the last year, seeding the ground for one of company’s most ambitious projects to date. Andy Morton sat down with her to find out more.
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No rest: pushing whiskey innovation forward with Quintessential 

In February, Quintessential Brands opened the doors for the first time to its The Dublin Liberties Irish whiskey distillery and visitor experience. Lucy Britner sat down with Quintessential’s CMO, Shane Hoyne, to talk about brand homes, the future of the Irish whiskey category and the company’s broader acquisition plans.
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Next issue preview

In the next issue of Inside Drinks, we look at how younger consumers are pushing the industry to change, examine the state of CBD products and their future, and learn what Brexit means for trademarks.

Also, we talk to Toast Ale about its socially responsible approach to brewing, hear about how craft brewers can set themselves apart from the competition, and examine why craft beer needs to emphasise its sustainability achievements.

Finally, we speak to Distill Ventures’ CEO to find out more about the Diageo-backed incubation project, and explain why the gin category needs stricter definition rules.