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In this issue of Inside Drinks, we examine how young consumers are driving change in the drinks industry, find out what Brexit means for trademarks, and talk to Toast Ale about their socially responsible approach to brewing.

We also speak with the Brewers Association about craft brewing’s sustainability credentials and hear about how the craft sector needs to emphasise those credentials.

Finally, we discuss the shifts in the industry with the CEO of Distill Ventures and look at why gin needs stricter definition rules. 

In this issue

How youth culture is transforming the drinks industry 

Consumer-focused industries are being forced to rapidly transform in the wake of ever-increasingly conscious consumers. With access to more information than ever before and a drive to put their money where their mouth is, Callum Tyndall finds out what young consumers are doing to the drinks market.

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Protecting the brand: what does Brexit mean for trademarks?

Brexit has raised a variety of uncertainties around the drinks industry, and how to ensure its continued safety in the wake of changing regulations and agreements. But, one of the less explored areas is how such changes may affect trademarks and intellectual property. Callum Tyndall investigates.

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Waste not, want not: turning bread into beer with Toast Ale

With the plight of food waste causing concern in the sustainability movement, companies are searching for innovative ways to tackle the issue. In the case of Toast Ale, they’re turning surplus bread into socially responsible beer. Deborah Williams talks to Louisa Ziane, Toast Ale’s director of brand, culture and sustainability, to find out more.

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Confusion in the marketplace: craft beer’s sustainability conundrum

In an increasingly-competitive beer market, craft brewers seem to be underselling their sustainability credentials. Paul Gatza, senior VP of the professional brewing division at the Brewers Association, speaks with Ben Cooper about what sets craft brewers apart and why they seem not to be taking full advantage of some natural strengths.

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Why craft brewers must turn up their ethical volume

Craft brewers are far from immune from the challenging conditions in the US beer sector. Strong sustainability credentials might be expected to bolster craft brewers but, Ben Cooper writes, craft brewers are underplaying their sustainability profile.

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Distill Ventures invests into the shifting drinks landscape 

Since coming into being almost six years ago, Distill Ventures has continued to make headlines in the drinks industry. Olly Wehring sat down with co-founder and CEO Frank Lampen to find out more.

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Why gin needs stricter definition rules – and fast 

Against a backdrop of booming sales, the gin category has succeeded in jumping on the trend bandwagon. However, spirits category commentator Richard Woodard can see a problem looming for gin – a problem that needs to be resolved sooner rather than later.

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Next issue preview

In the next issue of Inside Drinks, we look at upcoming innovations for the industry, ask whether the craft boom is truly over, and explore the rise of ethically modelled drinks brands.

Also, we hear from Gorgeous Brewery about their CBD beer and where they expect the sector to be headed, talk to Pernod Ricard’s CFO about the group’s recent performance, and speak to Treasury Wine Estates’ CEO about the company’s financial results and future plans.

Finally, we examine whether the soft drinks category missed the premiumisation train, and dive into flavour migration in the Asia-Pacific region.