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As consumers push for new and exciting experiences that push the boundaries of drinking, beverages manufacturers are tearing up the rulebook to create innovative products that stand out from the crowd. Based on recent analysis from Canadean, we take a look at the opportunities and challenges created by evolving trends in alcoholic drinks and explore how the demand for new experiences has fuelled an unconventional wave of creativity in mainstream, craft, and private label beer.

Also in this issue, we chart the unconventional rise of craft brewing ‘rebel’, BrewDog and examine how new radler flavours are blurring the line between alcoholic beverages and soft drinks.

In other news from Canadean, we explore the appeal of a dairy-free beverage made with bananas, find out how matcha became a ‘go-to’ ingredient for functional beverages and look forward to the upcoming Non-Alcoholic Beverage Strategy Congress in 2017.

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In this issue

Top Trends in Alcoholic Drinks
As the alcoholic drinks categories continue to evolve, a new wave of trends has emerged to help shape developments in the sector. Eloise McLennan wraps up the challenges and opportunities they present for drinks manufacturers.
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Innovation Trends in Beer 2016
Changing consumer behaviours are shaping the way that manufacturers approach innovation in the beer market. Eloise Mclennan rounds up the biggest trends in the sector as identified in a new Canadean report by Katrina Diamonon and Frank Sjoberg.
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Top Dog
Against a backdrop of macro-brews, one small outlet in Scotland went against the grain and crashed onto the scene with an unconventional approach to beer production. Eloise Mclennan charts BrewDog’s meteoric rise from underdog to leader of the craft beer pack.
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Revamping Tradition
With launches in 2016 in the Netherlands and Italy, radler has definitely gained momentum in Europe as a summer drink. Marilena Loparco explores how new flavours have pushed radler beyond the concept of beer.
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Banana Blend
Creamy, sweet and packed with vitamins, bananas have become a dietary staple for consumers both young and old. Canadean explores a new innovation in non-dairy beverages that taps into the goodness beneath the peel.
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Matcha Madness
For something that has been around as long as matcha has, it is strange to say that the ingredient is riding a popularity wave in the beverage market. Tom Vierhile examines how matcha is becoming a ‘go-to’ functional beverage ingredient.
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Next issue: February 2017

Based on recent analysis from Canadean, we examine the growing appeal of low alcohol and alcohol-free variants as flavoursome alternatives to regular strength beer, and explore consumers’ willingness to experiment with alcoholic beverages.

Plus, we take a look at how the digital fitness market is driving innovation in sports drinks and examine the potential of marijuana infused wine following legalisation of the drug in California. In other news from Canadean, we take a look at the top performing companies in the beer market and find out how manufacturers can tap into the consumer trend for novel experiences.

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