Issue 4

Coca-Cola came third on Forbes’ 2012 World’s Most Powerful Brands list and Innocent Drinks has committed £14m to brand investment in 2013 after making the top of the 2012 social brands 100 list. We investigate how investing in a brand name can pay off.

We also look at new applications of tea as an ingredient in food and drink products, find out how increased consumer demand is driving innovation in non-alcoholic beverages, find out why the Asian soft drinks market is going back to basics and explore the comeback of sherry.

Moreover, we find out how the industry is responding to the EU-wide ban of the term ‘probiotic’ on packaging and in marketing, and explore new research on the shelf life and sustainability of beer in plastic bottles.

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In this issue

Asian Market Outlook: Soft Drinks
As the Asian soft drinks market goes back to basics Inside Drinks asks Philippe Chan, Asia account director at Canadean, how the market has been doing in the first quarter of 2013.
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Bottling a Brand
Coca-Cola topped Interbrand’s Best Brands list in 2012 and Pepsi is spending $50m on a brand campaign with pop diva Beyoncé. Inside Drinks explores the power of drinks branding.
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Fighting for Good Bacteria
The probiotics food and supplements industry has been silenced in Europe by tough new regulations. We find out how manufacturers are fighting back with new research and legal action.
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Tea Makeover
Tea’s proven health benefits are giving it a popularity boost. As the popularity of tea continues to rise, Inside Drinks explores how it is being reinvented as an ingredient for cocktails through to mocktails.
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Keeping the Fizz
Ireland’s CRANN Institute and brewing company SABMiller recently collaborated to increase the sustainability and shelf life of plastic beer bottles. We speak to Professor Jonathan Coleman about the beer packaging revolution.
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Sherry Fever
Recently sherry has managed to escape the grasp of its stale image and made its way into trendy bars around the world. We take a look at the sherry revival.
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Putting the Frolic into Non-Alcoholic
Going out used to mean an evening spent choosing between post-mix coke or bottled water for non-drinkers, but those days are over. Inside Drinks speaks to two of the UK’s most innovative purveyors of non-alcoholic drinks.
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Next issue preview

A study in the UK found that tap water is safer than bottled water, but the bottled variety continues to grow in popularity. We ask how manufacturers ensure their products meet the consumer’s expectations for quality and taste. We also explore the health benefits of Aloe Vera drinks, which are making their way into the European market from Asia.

We take a look at grower champagnes, which have become a popular alternative to big brands, find out how beer brands are using interactive technology on bottles and cups to connect with consumers, and explore how a brand’s heritage can influence the design of premium packaging.

We also find out how automated equipment can offer manufacturers greater operational flexibility, and find out how new advances in food-grade lubricants are keeping beverage processing plants running smoothly.

The next issue will be out in August.

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