While the European soft drinks market has only seen slow growth this year, energy drinks have risen out of their niche and are creating a buzz. We take a look at the products and flavour trends that have made this sector a star performer on the market.

We also speak to an expert about what to expect in the Latin American soft drinks market, find out how manufacturers are working to make healthy drinks more appealing to children, and explore the debate on pesticide safety in drinks production. Moreover, we investigate the UK’s controversial plan to introduce tax stamps on beer bottles to tackle duty fraud, and ask how bar operators can profit from trendy mixology and premium-priced cocktails.

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Latin American Market Outlook: Soft drinks
Soda is an American favourite but it is also well-loved south of the US border with Mexico and Brazil ranking third and fourth on the global consumption scale after the US and China. Canadean’s Latin American manager Pedro Ibanez explains what the region’s soft drinks manufacturers can expect towards the end of 2012 and what drinks are seeing the biggest success this year.
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Creating a Buzz
Energy drinks are like motorbikes and surfing: essential lifestyle choices for some, potential health risks to others. Paul French investigates the rise of this trending niche sector.
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Cool Hydration
Keeping children hydrated is a task caters have to build into the food and drink they provide. How can suppliers quench their thirst as well as comply with the demands of healthier drinks?
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Pulp Fiction or Fact?
The discovery of carbendazim in imported citrus products has reignited the debate over pesticide safety. Julian Turner investigates if the benefits of using such chemicals in food and drinks production outweigh the potential health risks.
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A Taxing Problem
The UK Government’s plan to introduce tax stamps on beer bottles has come under fire from the industry. Could this proposed measure solve alcohol fraud or, as opponents claim, is it an illegal waste of time?
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Shaken and Stirred
Trendy mixology and premium prices are giving cocktails a huge potential to boost business behind the bar. Sheila Eggleston explores the secrets to success for operators.
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Next issue preview

From coconut water to multi-vitamin shots and oat smoothies, ‘healthy’ drinks are growing in popularity. In the next issue we take a look at the latest trends in this sector to find out which ingredients manufacturers rely on to boost the health appeal of their beverages.

We also explore the new wave of flavoured spirits that is flooding the market to find out how bar operators can make the most of this trend, look at a new spray that delivers small doses of alcohol minus the hangover, and find out how pubs and restaurants can best profit from cafe culture. Moreover, we profile a new can that keeps its contents chilled without refrigeration, and find out how the system has been doing in its first year on the market.

The next issue will be out on 15 January.

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