Inside Drinks February 2017

In this issue of Inside Drinks we outline the top trends for 2017 and in our ingredients focus we profile the tea landscape.

We also find out more about micro-brewery equipment, analyse the alcohol-free beer market and discover more about the research that reveals that water may outsell fizzy drinks in the US for the first time.

Moreover, we learn more about the future of the juice and soft drinks industry and how there will be more action regarding innovation and reformulation, as well as examining toddler nutrition and the latest trend for coffee fruit infused beverages.

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In this issue

Trends for the industry: 2017
With the arrival of another year comes an influx of new market trends set to shape innovation in the drinks sector. Eloise McLennan explores the trends to watch out for this year.
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The European Tea Landscape
In Europe, premiumisation has been an important area of innovation in the tea market, as brands look to meet consumer demand for higher-quality beverages. Katie Woodward finds out more about the changing landscape.
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Micro Distilleries
In recent years, the demand for craft alcohol has soared, with the US spirits market being dominated by micro-distilleries. However in London, the capital’s only vodka micro-distillery opened up for business this year. Callum Tyndall finds out more.
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Alcohol-Free Beer
New research has revealed the increased popularity for alcohol-free beer amongst consumers. Andy Singh speaks to Anna Tolley from AB InBev about what is behind this shift.
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Fizzing Out
In 2016 bottled water outsold soda in the US for the first time ever. Sarah Power discovers why and how it will affect the offerings of beverage companies in the future.
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Toddler Nutrition
Products formulated for toddlers with nutrition-rich dairy ingredients represent a major untapped opportunity for food and beverage brands. Katie Woodward finds out more about this burgeoning market and the impact it could have on toddler nutrition.
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The Future of Healthy Drinks
Consumer habits and lifestyles are changing, in many cases for the better, but for the drinks industry, change comes with a considerable number of challenges and opportunities. Stefan Fangeräng, managing director of North West Europe, Tetra Pak, finds out more.
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The Crowning Glory
Packaging is a defining factor in not only the marketing of a brand, but also in the usability of a product, and few elements have as much impact on how a product is used as caps and closures. Packaging Today speaks with leading brands such as Coca Cola, Pernod Ricard, Lucozade and Procter & Gamble to learn more.
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Coffee Fruit
Coffee fruit has been bubbling under the radar as an ingredient to watch for several years, however 2017 looks set to finally propel the ‘super’ fruit into the mainstream, thanks to an innovative new launch from Starbucks and Dr Pepper Snapple Group’s acquisition of Bai Brands, makers of coffee-fruit infused beverages. Melanie Felgate, senior analyst at Canadean, finds out more.
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Next issue preview

In the next issue of Inside Drinks we find out more about the world’s first spirit made from distilled birch sap.

We also explore the functional water market, learn more about the technology behind multilingual drinks vending machines in Japan, take a closer look at sweeteners, and find out more about new offerings for tea packaging.

Finally, we look at new evidence that suggests that juice is making a comeback, as well as profiling the iced coffee market and analysing filling methods.

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